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Is anybody at GSU a pre-nursing major? Trying to get a group together so we can help and support each other throughout this horribly stressful process! I'm a junior at GSU, I am applying for the ACE Program starting in... Read More

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    From everyone I have talked to, nobody has received anything... the waiting is killing me as well! Hope they put us out of our misery soon. It has to be soon seeing as registration started this week for Spring classes!

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    Nobody I know has received anything either and there are no registrations in the system for Nurs 2040 or 2060. I registered for the one class I could. Now really hoping I get in so I don't have to drop it! By the way, I check my online application status too even though I know it's not going to change
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    hey guys! im in the waiting game with you. will post as soon as i get news.
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    Hi svictor1
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    Good, I am happy to know that I am not the only one that is being irrational about all this. I feel like I am stalking my poor mail lady! I wait for the sound of the truck to come down the street and then I run to the mail box only to be disappointed

    Welcome to the wait svictor1!
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    svictor1, did you apply to the ACE or the traditional, or both?
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    I have heard anything from anyone yet either... It's about that time for them to start mailing out decisions so it really should be anyday now... I try not to get my hopes up when I check the mail!For those of you who have been granted registration, make sure you have a plan B. I made this mistake already... I personally decided to double major in psychology because a lot of the core requirements match those for nursing... So don't just waste a complete semester on nothing! A psych minor is also very easy to achieve.
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    Quote from svictor1
    1. They give up to 12 points for grades (program GPA not overall)
    3.9-3.99-11 pts
    3.8-3.89-10 pts
    3.7-3.79-9 pts
    3.6-3.69-8 pts
    3.5-3.59-7 pts

    2. Up to 10 points for TEAS
    95+ - 10 pts
    90-94 - 9 pts
    80-89 - 8 pts
    70-70 - 7 pts

    3. Science GPA calculated by: 2 pts for every 'A' earned in a ascience course, 1 point for every 'B'. Add up the points then divide by how many science classes taken. For example, if someone's grades are A&P1-A (2 pts), Chem1-A (2 pts), Micro-A (2 pts) = 2+2+2 = 6 pts. Then 6 pts (divided by) 3 courses taken = 2 pts

    4. up to 1 pt for essay

    5. up to 1 pt for each recommendation for a total of 2 points.

    Im not sure if the # of points for the GPA is a maximum of 12 or 14 points but it doesnt matter, everyone's points would just have an extra 2, which won change how much more a person has than you. But you get my point. This just shows you how they break them apart.
    I found this in the other thread from GSU Fall 2012 applicants. As a matter of fact it was svictor1 that posted it I believe! I find it helpful so I reposted it!
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    Oh cool! I remember that post! lol. Well My stats are 3.74 Program GPA, 95.0% TEAS, Micro-A, Chem1151/1152- both A, Anatomy1-A, Anatomy2- currently retaking. They also added a new volunteer section. I think you get an extra point for every volunteer position you had. I volunteered for many places but I was able to get signed forms from 3 of them. I applied for ACE & Trad! And yes, I have personally witnessed for 4 semesters in a row, that this is the week they send the first batch of letters out. People usually get their letters on Friday or Saturday. So im getting really nervous. But they send them out every week so dont freak out. No response is better than a rejection. It means you're still in the game and can get a miracle! lol
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    So I wonder if you did a "retake to replace" if you get a 1.5. I retook Bio1 and Bio2 and changed B's to A's. Also, what about A+'s? I worked my ass off for those! Surely they count for something.

    I really hope to hear something soon... trying to figure out a plan B schedule for next semester has been a nightmare.

    I have a 3.86 program GPA and 92 Teas. I also submitted about 7 volunteer forms and had 2 solid rec letters (one from a prof and one from an RN)... hopefully third time really is a charm!!!

    If you hear of anybody getting accepted let us know so we can start worrying even more! hahahah

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