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Is anybody at GSU a pre-nursing major? Trying to get a group together so we can help and support each other throughout this horribly stressful process! I'm a junior at GSU, I am applying for... Read More

  1. by   hcs4291
    Ho hum, any day now....They are definitely taking longer. I wonder if they'll actually call all of those numbers on the volunteer forms, some of mine are quite old. Hoping for some news soon, ready to know when I'll be graduating!!
  2. by   amf7
    Jenbrewington & Nikkitas - Where did you volunteer and for how long?
  3. by   GatorCaneNurse
    I volunteered at hospital for about 6 months. And at a daycare and after school program that tutored middle and high school kids for about a semester.
  4. by   JB13
    I have been volunteering with Hospice for about a year now. It is a great organization and they can always use volunteers.
  5. by   svictor1
    I volunteered at a hospital for 4 years, the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for 3 years (still current), Atlanta Center for the Visually Impaired for a year, and i shadowed my physician for 100 hours. I've volunteered at quite a few other places too but these are the ones I was able to hand in in time.
  6. by   socialworknurse
    Still nothing! I also volunteer at a hospice, but only since August so not sure if there is a minimum number of hours to count. Maybe they are mailing letters all at once this year...who knows!
  7. by   amf7
    Thanks for all the ideas! I'm not applying for at least another 8 months so I'm going to try to start volunteering every weekend when I'm not at work!
  8. by   hcs4291
    You guys! I did it! I got accepted! My letter came today!!!For those of you who want to compare....I applied for ACE. 3.86 Program GPA A's in APs, Bio 1, and Micro Lab, A+'s in Bio 2, Micro, and Psych 101.Teas 92, 95% in science. Sent in 7 volunteer forms 1 letter of rec from a GSU prof, 1 letter of rec from an RN. I live RIGHT by the school, so for those of you further out who compare or have higher stats than me, expect something soon!!I can't wait for all of you to get your letters! We need to all meet up somewhere
  9. by   JB13
  10. by   socialworknurse
    Yay!!! So happy for you
  11. by   mimsks
    HI all!
    I received my letter yesterday for the ACE program! SO relieved since this was my second time applying. The letter was typed on Oct 25, so not sure why it took so long b/c I live closeby. My TEAS score was 90 and program GPA 3.84 (been retaking courses that I took SEVEN years ago at UGA in which I received a B in to increase that Program GPA...). I have had to retake PSYC1101 (and I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, ridiculous, but I guess it paid off!)

    Best of luck to everyone, and I hope to meet you in January!!
  12. by   svictor1
    Congrats hcs & mims!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!!! This is a time to celebrate. I would go out for drinks if I were you. lol
  13. by   JB13
    I got my letter today and I have been wait Listed. I am #7 for the ACE and #10 for traditional. Congrats to all that have been accepted! Hopefully I will get to meet all of you in the Spring. The wait continues for me.

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