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Is anybody at GSU a pre-nursing major? Trying to get a group together so we can help and support each other throughout this horribly stressful process! I'm a junior at GSU, I am applying for the ACE Program starting in... Read More

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    HI Breezy, how is the program going? I really would love to hear from GSU NURSING students about their experiences. Is it smaller? Same massively huge courses? Are the teachers actually attentive?

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    Well, I spoke with Angela in regard to the wait list and she informed me that she doesn't anticipate pulling any others from the wait list this semester She said she pulled three from the ace and three from the traditional but she doesn't think she will get to me. I wish all of you the best in the program. Maybe I will have better luck next time!
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    So sorry to hear that jenbrewington. What are your plans? You were so very close to getting in!
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    Sorry MissE, I just saw this! I've been enjoying the break from school immensely and this is my first time back on the forum

    I'm absolutely in love with the program. The class sizes thus far are perfect - not small by any means, but small enough so that I feel comfortable talking iwth the professors if needed and am able to get all my questions answered. I start clinicals next semester, so I don't have any input on that yet. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!
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    Do any of you new accepted students know the date for orientation? I had it written down but now I can't find it and I can't access the PINS anymore because ULearn is gone. Help!
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    This is probably a dumb question but if the admissions decline an application, can you try again next year?
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    Yes, you can.
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    I am curious to know how all of you NURSING students are doing this spring?!?! I have re-applied to GSU and also to some others. Still playing the waiting game but came across this thread again and figured I would check in!
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    I'm a T2 this semester and it's been fantastic! I've loved meeting at the new ACE students and I wonder how many of you I know in real life, haha.

    When do you find out, Jen?? I really hope you get in
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    Hopefully by the end of this month for GSU, KSU has already sent out letters, GHSU's deadline is March 15th so some time after that! I am really hoping this is my year too! Glad you guys are enjoying the program

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