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Georgia Regents

  1. 0 Has anyone heard back from Georgia Regents (most formerly Georgia Health Sciences U, previously MCG?)
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    Hi, I also applied for the new nursing program and haven't heard back. I'll keep you posted and good luck!
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    The application deadline isn't until March 15 (it was previously February 15), so you won't receive any acceptance feedback until after that date.
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    Do either of you know how many students they are accepting this year?
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    Unfortunately, I do not. I think it'll be a large number since it's now a consolidated school. I don't think the class starting in the Fall of 2013 will be any less than 75 people. I know that the school has already received more than 500 applications though.
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    What are yall's stats?
    I have a 3.7 and got an 86 on the TEAS and am nervous about getting in (I applied first choice: Athens, second choice: Augusta)
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    It was stated today about 150 for the Augusta campus and about 40 for the Athens campus.
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    I have applied as well. I have a 3.6 GPA and an 82% on the TEAS. I opted for Athens only. Good luck everyone!
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    Good luck to you too!!!
    Do you think you/both of us have a good chance of getting in?
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    I think we all do!
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    If all they have is 40 applicants I think our chances are really good. Let's just hope it stays that low
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    Not 40 applicants..only 40 accepted. Heard they had 500+ applicants :S
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    Oh okay, that makes more sense. So they are only taking 40 or that is how many they have accepted so far?
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