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Hello all, I am looking for someone to give me an honest review of the ADN program at Georgia Perimeter College. I have read/heard many, many horrible comments about the program there. Also, I understand that they were on... Read More

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    Wow, thank you for all this is a lot to think about. I have been on the fence about GPC or a 4-year college. Since I have already been accepted to GCP, it is more convenient for me to just go there than to keep applying to schools. Thanks to everyone for the honesty. I know some people have different experiences than others do, but the part that scares the heck out of me is that I dont want a 'boot-camp' environment. Everyone does not learn well in those circumstances...they will shut down. That is what worries me. I dont mind putting in the time to learn and to study, and I pride myself on my grades, but I can not tolerate someone yelling at me or degrading me. Sometimes, when I read reviews, that is what I am taking away from them.

    Once again, thank you to everyone for their honesty and for sharing experiences. It really does help

    aimhigh11...hang in there and try to stay positive and make it through. Maybe you can get some relaxation over the summer
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    Quote from aimhigh11
    No, I don't feel like it has improved other than we have 3 chances to pass our check off skills. Some of the teachers are helpful but most are not and they are mean about it and expect you to take it. I have heard of some horror stories that are pretty bad here that has happened to other students currently. Some of the teachers don't teach and just read the powerpoints. I have had to take some major abuse from the teachers but nothing like some have had it. I feel sorry for them. It seems like if they don't like you they find a way to fail you in clinicals, they follow you around and wait for you to make a mistake. Not all are like this, about half. Some are truly wonderful but if you get the others, may God help you because you better pray real hard. The administration does nothing to help you, they act like they care but in the end they don't really care at all. They don't seem to care that their students are being treated unfairly or bad. Some, yes, may have good experiences but for the majority they do not but are unwilling to say anything about it. We haven't had to watch videos for check offs on how to do them but I hear the spring class does. How can you learn a skill from a video? It's just showing you what it looks like to pass the skill but how do you learn "how" to do the skill? If they showed a video on "how" to do the skill, I can see that but they don't. I have heard that is a complaint from some of the people in the spring class. This is an honest truthful review and I hope people listen. It has been a horrible experience and I wish I had never come here. If some of the stuff that has happened to other people ever got out to the state, the school would lose its accreditation for sure. I feel like I am in HELL!!
    It sounds like you're at a different school entirely. I'm just starting 1930 (in the accelerated class) and I've pretty much loved every minute of it. I know of one clinical instructor who made it difficult from some of her students but she didn't fail any of them. Unfortunately, it is the luck of the draw when it comes to which clinical instructor you have, but her students made it work, focused on their patients, helped each other, and all of them passed.

    Skills check-offs are completely different for us this summer. We no longer are under the stress of "three strikes you're out." They've combined our 5 skills into two check-offs. If we succeed on the first attempt, we get a point toward our final grade. If we aren't successful, we don't get the additional point and we have to return to the lab for validation which involves going over the skills one-on-one with a member of faculty.

    As for the videos, they're still there to watch. Honestly, they helped me immensely and I passed all fundamentals check-offs on my first attempts. But here's the thing, if somebody expects to just watch the video and not put in hours in the lab then of COURSE they won't feel like they learned the skill. That's why we do hours of practice. If you didn't do your time in the lab, learning and understanding the skill, then you have only yourself to blame, not a video. The lab instructors are WONDERFUL! All you have to do is pull one aside and ask them to go through the check-off with you until you understand what you're doing.

    I have yet to meet a single faculty member who "aren't helpful and are mean about it." Every time I approach an instructor with a question I'm given a warm and intelligent response. When I was teaching college I could tell when a student hadn't been doing their part outside of class. It was a source of frustration to redeliver a lecture one-on-one when the student clearly had not been studying like they should have. Perhaps this is why some instructors may come of as mean.

    GPC is fast, difficult, and inexpensive. The faculty members are extremely knowledgeable. Yes, some of them use power points written by somebody else, but those power points are based on information in a text book WRITTEN BY SOMEBODY ELSE. I'm not sure what the issue is with using the ppts. It's a strange argument. All of the information is what we are required to know and understand and a power point presentation, written by anybody, based on the same textbook, will always contain the information we need to know for exams. Period.

    We have a tutorial lab. I was there for 2 1/2 hours today. The faculty tutors are brilliant. They are only paid for a certain amount of hours but will stay beyond, for free, because they want you to understand the material. They have candy and stress relieving aromatherapy hand lotions in there. Does that sound like a horrible school filled with teachers who hate you and don't want you to succeed? The first day of 1930, several faculty members came in and set up a beach scene at the front of the class and wrote "1930 is a beach" on the whiteboard. Does THAT sound like faculty who all hate you and absolutely can't wait to sit you down and tell you you're out of the program?

    Honestly, I can't stand these negative reviews of this program. Is it all rainbows and unicorns? Absolutely not. It's one of the most difficult and time consuming things I've ever done. The resources are there for help. The faculty are extremely open for clearing up any questions you may have so long as you've studied and done your time and are still confused on any issues.

    It's nursing school for crying out loud. The amount of knowledge we're supposed to have absorbed in 4 semesters is staggering. They're doing their best to make sure we know our stuff. It honestly is sink or swim but I have yet to personally meet an instructor who would honestly let you sink if you were truly studying and reading and doing everything you could to stay afloat.

    Congrats to ALL of you who got into the fall class! I remember getting my letter so vividly. I was absolutely giddy. It's an awesome program and the faculty are there to help you through but you have to do your part. Use every resource available to you. Make appointments in the tutorial lab. Do your practice in the skills lab. Get organized, ask questions, behave like an adult, and if you get the short stick in clinical instructors, keep in mind it would only be a few days of clinical and put your head down and focus on your patient. After all, you're not always going to love your superiors where you work right?

    If you ever have any questions or if in the Fall you start to panic about those crazy nclex style questions on the exams, find me here or on campus and I will talk you down off of the ledge and help you prepare.

    Good luck friends!!
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    Thank you so much for posting this! I am starting in the fall and it's been great to see what people have posted about this program. I know there will be good and bad as there is with everything. I took all of my prerecs at GPC and have seen that there are awesome teachers and pretty bad ones too. But thank you, thank you, thank you, I'm even more ready to start!
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    Hi Ali...and welcome! I will be starting in the Fall and I am excited/nervous at the same time! Please join our discussion blog GPC FALL 2012. Will you be attending boot camp?
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    I totally agree with RockabillyMommy. GPC has a GREAT nursing program! I have been trying to catch up in this thread, but as a recent graduate, I can say with complete confidence that not only is it do-able, but it is an excellent school and I am very thankful for the education I received. I passed NCLEX-RN on my first attempt in 75 questions without any prep courses or anything special. All of the students I have spoken to post-graduation from my class had the same experience.

    I also found that you get what you give in this program. The nursing instructors are here to help. Ask them questions, pose scenarios, have them observe something at clinical that you aren't sure about. Have them practice with you for checkoffs in the skills lab especially. I can't tell you how many times I would have them critique me. It was worth it though! If you take advantage of their wisdom, I guarantee that you will learn something and that knowledge will help you. It will also show them that you are serious and that will go a long way. Some instructors you think you are done with in Fundamentals may be instructors later on as well- so make a good impression. These same people may be willing to be a reference for you later or write a letter of recommendation- but not if you don't deserve it. I personally found that the people that complained the most and the loudest about instructors were the same people that used them the least or simply didn't prepare for clinical or lecture. And yes, if you don't come in knowing what the lecture is about or not being ready for clinical, then they will bust your chops and/or send you home. And they should! Nursing school is not supposed to be easy. As RN's we hold patient's lives in our hands and that is not something to be taken lightly.

    The skill checkoffs that we had during the program that my class was in were even more difficult than they are now. We practiced in every spare moment. At home, on husbands and kids, on stuffed animals, on instructors, on each other. We laugh about it now, but skills are specific and measured for a reason. A contaminated sterile field or a wrong med given is a big deal and we do need to know how to perform under pressure. Most of us made it. Yes, not all of us did- but again this is just another tool used to evaluate students and most importantly.. to make sure we are safe and competent!

    Tutorial lab is another valuable tool to take advantage of. They will spend hours with you to ensure you get what you need on an individual basis. GPC also offers a counselor for the nursing students should they need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. We all cried at some point during school- it can get overwhelming between classes, tests, skill lab, clinical, projects, care plans, etc.. but you can do it!

    I want to point out that I was almost discouraged from attending GPC based on the old negative threads posted on by disgruntled students. I can't speak for how the program was back 2006 or whatever, but I can say that if you are looking at attending now that you shouldn't hesitate for a second- it is GREAT!

    Overall, I loved nursing school at GPC. It was not easy- and they told us it wouldn't be right from the start. It was not sunshine and rainbows all the time- and they told us this, too. It WAS, however, an excellent program that taught me what I needed to know to pass the NCLEX-RN on my first attempt and how to be a safe, caring, competent nursing professional. I will be forever thankful for being able to attend a program that was so affordable and quick while providing me with such an excellent nursing education.
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    Just A Dream, I heard the tests in the last semester were much more difficult. Did you find that to be true?
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    There is a difference in the test itself in the last semester. They add some short written answer type questions to the last section instead of just straight multiple-choice. They accepted multiple answers for most- they just wanted to ensure that you grasped the material and were able to understand implications for your pt.
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    I am in the 3rd semester @ GPC. I've read a lot of the posts in this thread, some I agree with and many I don't. For what it's worth here's my take. First of all let me say that this is a mid-life career change for me so I'm not some cry-baby kid complaining about how unfair life is.
    Like anything in life this program will repay exactly what you put into it. This is NOT an easy program. The NCLEX passage rate from this program is top notch and when it comes down to it, that really all that matter - Passing the NCLEX. Because this is an ADN program that competes with a boat load of BSN programs in the area - it can easily be considered an accelerated program. It lack separate a class for Pharmacology which is a HUGE issue. All pharm subjects are integrated into the coursework, and this requires a LOT of independent study. One resource offered at GPC, is ATI. ATI is vital to a student's success at GPC, but unfortunately the instructors don't stress it enough. ATI is quite possibly a better learning tool than all the assigned textbooks combined.
    As to the instructors, most are MSN, some are APN (doctorates). Quite a few are students themselves working on APN degrees. I feel that this is a major component of the #1 problem I have with the program - DISORGANIZATION. We all know that nursing school is stressful but unorganized instructors can make it a living h3ll. To succeed in this program you MUST be prepared to be organized, flexible, and rarely work.
    During the program, you are expected to drop everything in your life at a moment's notice during the first few weeks of every semester. If you don't succeed on some of the non-credited pass or fail elements of the program (ATI testing, check-offs, math tests) remediation is mandatory and may take a couple of days to complete - these remediation requirements are on your own time. the program moves forward at a steady clip, and you need to find time to catch up.
    All in all this is an outstanding program with VERY caring instructors, period. Their goal is you passing the NCLEX. But if you can't hack it, your out! Don't think for a minute that because this is just an ADN program, you'll breeze by. Quite the contrary. Unless you have strong self-discipline and study habits, you probably ought to look at a different school. The instructors are NOT going to hold your hand and coddle you. Most students in my class are in their mid-thirties and are serious about this. If you're a kid looking to goof-off this is NOT the place for you.
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