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    hello everyone,
    i'm what some georgians call an "implant". i've relocated to union city, ga via boston, massachusetts. i'm at the good ol' grady hospital, emergency room-a whole 'nother world from what i've been told and from what i've experienced so far.

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    I'm gina a transplant from Ohio currently living in South Hall county
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    hi, i'm leisa and i'm 44 years old and from a little town called waynesville. we are right in between waycross and brunswick. i've been a nurse for 18 years, and have most recently worked in psych. nursing with teenage drug & alcohol addiction girls. the facility is closing soon, and i had to find another job. i will be going to work for a group of oral surgeons. my heart will be with these girls though, as they have to go out and face the world again, and 50% of them or more definately are not ready. merry christmas and a happy new year to all. may god bless each and every one of you.:spin:
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    hi! im planning to work in one of the big hospitals in atlanta when i get back in the states.. how much do u think id be making? im a newly graduate.. thanks guys
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    Hi, I'm Becky from Valdosta, but live and work in Homerville. I've been nursing for 13 years with experience in ICU, Rehab, Wound Care, Med-Surg, ER and now administration.
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    Hello, I'm Jerry from Columbus, Georgia, Administrator for an ASC, Plastic/Cosmetic.
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    Hi everyone. I'm just south of ATL. I work in corrections presently. My background runs from ER to OR to Home Health and Occupational Nursing. Nice to meet you all!
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    Hi I am Marilyn

    I am originally from Florida but most of my family are in Georgia. I am so glad I am here and look forward to learning the city of Atlanta. I am awed with the change of seasons!

    I am a former High School teacher (I taught Health Science-CNA/First Responder) and wondered if there are any programs like this in Georgia. I am currently an ER nurse and loving it. I think God directed me to this profession as I love every aspect of nursing! I will be returning to school very soon for an MSN so that I can teach future nurses (I'm so excited!!) just need to get pass the GRE and/or MAT, which do any of you prefer?
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    I'm Ashley, a 2nd semester nursing student at GPC. I want to do ER. Look forward to hearing from you all!!
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    Hi, I'm Merei.
    I'm an LPN working in Commerce, GA. I live down in Valdosta though, so I have to leave my 8 month old with her daddy while I come up and work days all together.

    I'm hoping to start working in Valdosta next month though. I had a great interview at SGMC last week, so waiting to hear.

    I'm also going to apply to VSU to start working on my BSN.

    take care,

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