GA Highlands to begin RN-BSN!!! GA Highlands to begin RN-BSN!!! | allnurses

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GA Highlands to begin RN-BSN!!!

  1. 0 I read online they are starting a RN-BSN program in 2013, thats awesome! now i only need to get into their ADN program this spring so i can finish in 2013 and continue on with the rb-bsn!
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    I am trying to do the same thing! It's very exciting. I had always planned to bridge to a BSN in the future and this will make it even easier. I just hope I will be able to get into the spring program - would hate to have to wait until fall next year. I am taking my final 3 prereqs at Chatt Tech this fall so I really hope I will stand a chance at getting in!
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    Good luck to you both.. i got accepted into the bridge program and i start next month.. i hope to continue on to get my BSN !