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Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to get a quick ATT in the state of Georgia? I really need to take the NCLEX ASAP after graduation. Thanks... Read More

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    Quote from JustADream
    Grats Emile!! FlyFarFarAway, when did you submit your paperwork if you don't mind my asking? My application/transcripts/verifiable document/etc. was posted on their site by 5/15, but still no ATT as of this moment. Thank you!
    Everything was posted as complete on 5/13 except for verifiable documents. they posted my verifiable documents on 5/16 and I received my ATT that same day. Couple of my friends had to call or email in order to be made eligible. Good luck!!
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    Get all of your paper work in ASAP. I had mine in a week prior to graduation. Had my ATT 2-3 weeks later.
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    Thanks so much for the info! It sounds like I will need to call or e-mail tomorrow. I actually completed all of the portions of the application during April that I could (including my verifiable document) and was just waiting on the transcripts from school. They were posted as completed by 5/15 on the GA BON site but still no ATT has arrived. All of the other fields on their site show completed or not applicable so it sounds like I need to check in with them. Thanks again!
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    The last thing to be completed on the site was transcripts on the 21st and then on the 23rd I got my ATT.
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    Just received my ATT! Looks like the first appointment in my area isn't available until the week of June 18th, but at least I can schedule it now. Thanks so much!
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    Good luck! Mine is June 4, but I'm driving to Tennessee to take it. All the GA appointments around my area were the middle of June too.
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    Just took the NCLEX! I did the Pearson Vue trick and received the good pop up! :spin:
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    I took it on June 4th and got the good pop up and then my license was posted at 11am the next day! Good luck!
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    Quote from GaMommy81
    Just took the NCLEX! I did the Pearson Vue trick and received the good pop up! :spin:
    Congratss!!!! How many Select all that apply questions did you get? Where do you plan on working?
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    Congrats on passing the NCLEX!!!!

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