Fall Piedmont Hospital Nurse Residency

  1. 0 Hello All. Has anyone applied for the fall nurse residency at Piedmont and heard back yet? I know that interviews are slated to begin on Monday and I was just wondering if I am going to get a call. Keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to all!
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    I havent heard anything yet. Good Luck!
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    Not yet, but I would have hoped for today since they start interviewing on Monday.
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    I'm still waiting on a call too. Good luck
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    Good luck to everyone! I applied for acute, transplant, and critical care.
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    Hello! Has anybody heard back from piedmont yet? The interviews were supposed to start today...I guess this probably means I shouldn't be holding my breath. Or maybe with all the techical glitches the interviews were moved back...?
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    Who knows. I have not heard anything back. What areas did everyone apply for?
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    I haven't heard anything either! I wonder what's going on...
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    hmm...I wish they had something other than an automated voice message at HR! I sent an email around the 25th as well inquiring about when we would know about the interviews, but I received no response. One the one hand I think I probably didn't make the cut, but I would think somebody on this site would have heard something by now if they were indeed in the interviewing process...
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    Hey folks, I'm in Brooklyn and applied also. Even sent the questions and my resume via email. Heard nothing and assumed the worst since I'm not in the state. I guess other people are wondering the same thing about being contacted about whether an interview will be slotted or not. Good luck to you guys...as this job hunt is brutal
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    I sent them an email on Fri July 27th & received a reply July 30th stating that they would be in contact should they wish to set up an interview. I also asked if they would be letting those not chosen know they weren't chosen but that question was remain unanswered.
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    I see they have updated the website for applying for Feb 2013 residency, so I guess the fall one is completed?. Anyone get an interview or "no thank you" email?
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    I still haven't heard anything :/

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