Emory RN Residency Winter/Spring 2018 - page 5

I haven't seen anything on here about this upcoming residency so I wanted to start a thread for it. I just interviewed for emory midtown medical floor (specifically neuro and oncology) as well as the... Read More

  1. by   smore96
    I've accepted an offer on the Hem/Onc floor at the university location!
  2. by   MsBSNRN17
    I'm going to be at Midtown!
  3. by   MsBSNRN17
    Did anyone get their official offer letter yet?
  4. by   RA0224
    Quote from dmmRN17
    Are you doing the residency?
    No, I have a 1.5 years of experience
  5. by   dmmRN17
    Have y'all received offer letters yet?
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  6. by   MsBSNRN17
    Yes, received mine today!
  7. by   ekhand
    Still waiting for mine. I emailed the recruiter yesterday and she said she is trying to catch up and to hold tight!
  8. by   gcrn17
    Has anyone still not received their official offer letter?