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I am very interested in pursuing a career with Emory, as I've had some of my clinical experiences there and have really liked it so far. My question is: what is the new graduate residency program like? Were you able to chose what... Read More

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    My daughter, a new grad, took her NCLEX Saturday, on Sunday the GA SOS website showed her as a RN. She interviewed yesterday at Emory Johns Creek Hospital and received offer this AM for nurse residency program. What an exciting week! She did clinical extern and internship at NEGA, had no contacts at Emory, enjoyed interview process very much. Any info about the program would be appreciated from those who've been in it.

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    Soo.. umm were we all supposed to hear back from them already? Are they still deciding?
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    I would certainly hope we hear back!! Has anyone tried emailing and gotten a response back?
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    I have not heard back yet either. I emailed Darrell yesterday evening but no response yet. I do remember John's Creek being listed first on the questionaire. So maybe they are going down the list. I am just a bit worried!
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    I'd love to know, too. I've got a solid job offer somewhere else, but now I'm worried my licensure by endorsement for Georgia is not going to go through in time for me to take it, so... back to hoping here! This is all just nerve wracking...

    Oh, and I just went on the website to check my application status... how do you do that? I had to reset my password and now that I'm logging in I don't see a place for previous applications. All I have are options for search opening,assessments, edit my profile, resume/cv manager, search agent manager, job cart, and saved drafts. Everything is empty. I hope I didn't somehow get deleted.
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    Click on the link that says "non emory job seekers" or something to that effect on the main career page. That should then take you to a page to log in. Then you should see a "submission status" link...
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    There it is! Could have sworn it wasn't there the first time... or maybe I just need more sleep. Thanks!
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    Someone actually told me that everyone gets the questionnaire.. I wish waiting wasn't so hard.. do you guys have previous hospital experience?
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    I was thinking that everyone received the questionnaire too. Still have not heard anything? And my status still says under consideration. Anyone else hear anything besides in John's Creek? I had worked as float LPN for just over two years in Milwaukee while finishing my BSN, but had to relocate to Atlanta in May. I also cannot apply elsewhere besides the few residency programs because my license is being endorsed right now so I technically don't qualify for other postings since I do not have a GA license yet. I am just praying for a job right now.
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    Still waiting... No response to previous emails either :-(

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