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  1. Anyone applying to Emory? I am applying to their direct entry program, but wanted to holla and see if anyone is applying to the program as well! What have you all been up to to make your apps stronger? I am so glad that the people on the other end of this (adminstrators, profs) are all so helpful...its been great!

    Anyone here that attended Emory and can give some insight about the quality of the professors, clinicals, overall experience and life in Atlanta? Were you able to get a job more easily because you went to emory?

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  3. by   FitMommyRN
    I spent several days on my essay, writing, re-writing, editing, emailing it to friends and family. I googled nursing entrance essays and read tons of them.
    I carefully chose the people to write my rec letters. Unfortunately the snowpocalypse this past January left me having to get a second choice professor to write a letter at the last second.
    I re-did my resume completely. I sent it out to friends and family. I checked the spelling of every single word several times. I added a cover letter to the application packet explaining a personal situation that led to a bad year of college back in 1998.

    I stressed and edited and fretted lol. I got accepted but then decided $17,800 a semester is just too much for my family to come up with for a bachelor's degree.

    Good luck!
  4. by   bamwife06
    Wow good job!!! But I agree its expensive to go to Emory but think of all the job opps you will have just because you are a grad from Emory!!!
  5. by   FitMommyRN
    Thanks! I can't say whether the job opportunities would be better or not. I do know that the rule of thumb is not to graduate with more loan debt than you would expect to make in your first year's salary. We were looking at accepting full federal loans of $6500 a semester and applying for additional private loans (A BIG NO!!!). The total would have been approaching the salary I may expect to get my first year as an RN, plus I already have some student loans from a previous Master's degree.

    There are people who are willing and able to swing the tuition at Emory, but we just aren't. I was crushed, believe me, but it's for the best.
  6. by   danceluver
    @bamwife06, I was thinking the same thing! As a direct entry student I could use all the connections and networking possible to be able to get my first job!
  7. by   danceluver
    I was looking at the website, and it seems they offer a few merit based scholarships that award full tuition benefits---are these extremely difficult to get?
  8. by   lizyun
    I was thinking of applying to the Emory program myself but I already have loans from attending undergrad there...
    Seriuosly, the tuition is so much cheaper at a state school.
  9. by   danceluver
    @ lizyun-Did you like the school as an undergrad? Have you decided completely against applying because of the costs? Are there schools in the atlanta area that you would recommend?
  10. by   lizyun
    hey dancingnurse13!
    My bad for missing your question up there otherwise I would have answered it had I seen it.

    My experience at Emory was great for many reasons so I don't regret my time there, even with the loans. I studied accounting there so as far as the health programs I can't say but I can tell you some things in general.

    The caliber of the faculty, I would say, is very good if not excellent. Professors in general have high expectations of students and so some of the courses were challenging just due to their teaching style. But because of it, you become a better student IMO. The same goes for the students too. A diverse mix, most from out of state and all very smart and motivated. Though, when I was admitted there, the bar wasn't as high as it is now!

    What else...the campus is absolutely beautiful and small enough to get around without a bus (though they do offer those).

    As for the city, you get the best of both worlds with a metropolitan city and suburban areas surrounding it. It's a very young in terms of demographics so its great if u're still single and looking.

    And lastly...I have to admit that I did end up working for a top accounting firm...though as for whether that was because I went to Emory is hard to say. I always think its what you make of it. I will say though that going to a smaller, private school has its drawbacks in that there aren't as many alumni around, which does limit your networking potential purely due to size. But at the same time, Emory is well respected by companies and organizations within GA as well as the southeastern region in general.

    Alright, did I write a book yet? You caught me a the right time b/c I just finished my finals...
    Hope this helped!
  11. by   lizyun
    Quote from dancingnurse13
    @ lizyun-Did you like the school as an undergrad? Have you decided completely against applying because of the costs? Are there schools in the atlanta area that you would recommend?

    Yeah, its really the costs that deter me from even applying. I have about $20K in loans from undergrad so no way am I going to accumulate more! =) The nursing school I applied to was Kennesaw State, which is considered a pretty good program in GA as well. I'm waiting to hear back from then now. And in a few weeks, I'll submit my app to GA Health Sciences Univ (formerly the medical college of GA) which is in Augusta and has a highly ranked nursing program. Mercer University is a private school in Atlanta but again,the costs deter me from applying there as well.
  12. by   danceluver
    Good to know! haha, you didn't write a book, its all really nice information for me to be aware of-- Is your only reason to consider another school because of the costs, otherwise you would do it in a heartbeat? I would like to look at other schools in the atlanta area as well if you have any suggestions? One reason I really like emory is because of they have the joined np/cert programs that many schools don't.
  13. by   creece15
    I recently got accepted into the program and I start in less than a month!! What I can say about applying is ...it is a LONG wait...you will apply and will not find out until Feb. THEN the financial aid will not come until like May...so all I can say is do not put "all your eggs in one basket" Def. apply to more programs to increase your odds. It is very competitive. I believe that 415 people applied this semester @ Emory and 100 BSN students got accepted (I dunno know the exact numbers for absn/segue/ etc..)

    As far as the merit scholarships go...to my understanding and what the assistant director of Nursing Financial Aid told me is..they are allotted a certain amount of money for the merit scholarships so say 10,000....and then you have 5 people with 4.0 GPA's and 2 with 3.7 and the rest with lower GPA's..they will divide the 10,000 with the people with the highest GPA's...i had a 3.75 and I did not get the merit scholarship because the cut off this semester was 3.93....obviously it is because it is very competitive...

    Like they said at accepted students day...you pay for the name...yes you can get the same degree elsewhere..but Emory will open up so many doors for you and your future..and if you can swing the tuition..then I say go for it!!

    Let me know if you have any more questions!!
  14. by   danceluver
    @creece15---yes, so glad you posted! i do have some questions, can you receive private messages?

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