Emory ABSN/MSN accepted students summer 2012

  1. Hey everyone! I just wanted to start a thread for those of us who have been accepted to the ABSN/MSN program at Emory. I thought it would be helpful in discussing preparations for next year and getting to know each other! Congrats!
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  3. by   silvrdove

    Congrats! I applied to Emory's absn/msn women's health program, but haven't heard anything back yet. Which specialty did you apply to? Did you get an email or a letter?

  4. by   soccergrl54
    i applied to women's health too! I just got a letter and I'm sure they haven't sent out all of them. Also I live in Atlanta so it may have gotten to me faster depending on where you live. Good luck!
  5. by   ayti
    Hi, I also got accepted as well. I applied for family nurse practitioner. I am anxious about financial aid though
  6. by   mandawyatt
    Hi!! I got my acceptance letter on Saturday!! I applied for Family Nurse Midwife. I am totally anxious about financial aid too. I don't know how in the world I am going to pay this off if I have to do it all in loans!
  7. by   soccergrl54
    Yayyy congrats guys!!! Are you going to accepted students day?
  8. by   silvrdove
    Cool guys! Has your status on Opus been updated yet?
  9. by   mandawyatt
    When I looked yesterday my status was not updated yet in OPUS. I am planning on attending the accepted students day. I can't wait to get more info!!
  10. by   jmcdaniel479
    Hi everyone! I received my acceptance letter today as well! I intend on attending the school on Feb. 10 as well! Can't wait to receive the financial aid package. I have an interview next week at Duke for their ABSN program but I don't know decisions.. decisions! Congratulations to everyone!!
  11. by   silvrdove
    I got my acceptance letter today!!!! I'm so excited I'm in Seattle, where we had a "big" snow storm, so I was praying that my letter was delayed because of that...and it turns out that it was!

    One thing though, they didn't accept my Animal Physiology course, so now I need to find either a Human Physiology w/ Lab or an A&P 2 w/ Lab course that will be finished by the Summer (May) term! Does anyone know if Emory will accept online courses? I know self-paced courses with labs exist, but I don't know if they would count.
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  12. by   ayti
    .@silvrdove Emory accepted my psychology course that I took online. It is best you find out from them if they will accept Ap2 w lab online to be on safe sideBtw- I will be attending accepted students day. I found out from financial aid that it will take 2-3weekscare for us to get package! Uhhhhh! Anxious about it and the wait! I do have a back up though but Emory is my top choice
  13. by   tribe12
    Hello all! I just got my acceptance letter today for the Pediatric NP program. So Excited! Is anyone else that has been accepted also a male student? I am wondering how many of us there are?
  14. by   silvrdove
    I got a call from the school today congratulating me! So cool

    Also- I'm filling out my CSS profile today for financial aid. Can anyone tell me how we're supposed to respond to this question on the refistration form? "What will be the student's year in college or university during 2011-12?" I'm a second degree student, and I think all ABSN/MSN students are considered undergraduate students for the first part of the program, and then graduate students? So would I put "1st year (previously attended college/university)" or "5th year or more undergraduate?" Thanks!