Emory ABSN/MSN accepted students summer 2012

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    Hey everyone! I just wanted to start a thread for those of us who have been accepted to the ABSN/MSN program at Emory. I thought it would be helpful in discussing preparations for next year and getting to know each other! Congrats!
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    Congrats! I applied to Emory's absn/msn women's health program, but haven't heard anything back yet. Which specialty did you apply to? Did you get an email or a letter?

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    i applied to women's health too! I just got a letter and I'm sure they haven't sent out all of them. Also I live in Atlanta so it may have gotten to me faster depending on where you live. Good luck!
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    Hi, I also got accepted as well. I applied for family nurse practitioner. I am anxious about financial aid though
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    Hi!! I got my acceptance letter on Saturday!! I applied for Family Nurse Midwife. I am totally anxious about financial aid too. I don't know how in the world I am going to pay this off if I have to do it all in loans!
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    Yayyy congrats guys!!! Are you going to accepted students day?
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    Cool guys! Has your status on Opus been updated yet?
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    When I looked yesterday my status was not updated yet in OPUS. I am planning on attending the accepted students day. I can't wait to get more info!!
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    Hi everyone! I received my acceptance letter today as well! I intend on attending the school on Feb. 10 as well! Can't wait to receive the financial aid package. I have an interview next week at Duke for their ABSN program but I don't know decisions.. decisions! Congratulations to everyone!!
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    I got my acceptance letter today!!!! I'm so excited I'm in Seattle, where we had a "big" snow storm, so I was praying that my letter was delayed because of that...and it turns out that it was!

    One thing though, they didn't accept my Animal Physiology course, so now I need to find either a Human Physiology w/ Lab or an A&P 2 w/ Lab course that will be finished by the Summer (May) term! Does anyone know if Emory will accept online courses? I know self-paced courses with labs exist, but I don't know if they would count.
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