Darton Fall 2014

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    Hi, everyone. I received my acceptance letter in the mail for Darton State College Fall 2014 Traditional Track. I was wondering if there was anyone else that received theirs. I am so excited. Hoping I can share my excitement with someone else.

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    i just recieved my acceptance letter yesterday!
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    Congrats, I just tested today for the bridge. How long has it been since you tested.
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    I was accepted as well!!
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    Quote from diordiam
    i just recieved my acceptance letter yesterday!
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    Quote from arin
    I was accepted as well!!
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    i have no idea how to get the background check or drug screen test. have you ladies started that process yet?
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    Congrats ladies! Will you all be commuting daily or moving down and which campus well you attend?
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    i got accepted into the albany campus and i got an apartment off campus
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    Congrats what was your score on teasv and gpa and did you complete all prereqs?

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