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Anyone waiting for fall acceptance letters? I just took my hesi today. My overall was a 91 with a 76 in a&p and a 92 in the math section. Good luck to everyone!... Read More

  1. by   limitless-visions
    I personally think it does have something to do with the BSN, from experience the teas is harder. It has stuff about rocks an plants for science questions. I took it twice last year and I made 40ish first time and 50ish the second time. I was trying it for Armstrong in Savannah,ga. The lowest Armstrong accepted was mid to high sixties. Anyway I'm with yall we all need to go ahead and get in now before these changes happen. I wonder how many times you can take the teas for them. I know Armstrong let you take it twice a year. Anyway enough about the teas. On another note, I was in such a panic today I got my neighbor to call the nursing department to see if letters were coming this week and she was so short on the phone. She was like "don't you have this info on your letter from when you took the hesi" I can tell she gets tired of answering the phone but I'm glad I got someone else to call because I know they have caller ID and I don't won't them to kick me out before I get in Lol. This wait is killing me for real. Ok who's going to call tommorrow? I just need one person a day to call? The job pays minimum wage!!!! Ha Ha!!!!
  2. by   Southbeach23
    Hey limitless,That office must get calls every hour minute and second! I think I will pause for the cause and hope we all get in.
  3. by   limitless-visions
    Yeah I know they do but I may have to get around that secretary because we are thinking about taking my son out of town for vacation for an entire a week around July 4th, his b-day is the 5th and I don't want to miss anything while I'm gone. I know they have to be fair but I don't want sit and wait on the mail everyday. I know most nursing programs give you ten days to accept your spot. I will let it rest this week but the end of the month I may have to call again. You wouldn't believe what people do at this moment just to try to find out if they have gotten in or not!!!! Thanks for the advice, somebody got to bring me to reality sometime when I get carried away. Lol
  4. by   Southbeach23
    LOLLLLLL!!!! I totally understand how you feel! At least you have a good mailman. The mail man withheld my school refund check through out the whole weekend! I have nothing left but prayer and patience!
  5. by   luluinblu
    They are still testing (HESI) through the end of June, so I know for sure the letters will not be mailed until July. I personally do not expect to hear anything until around the date mentioned on the letter. The past two times the letter date has been spot on for me, and I live about 20 minutes from the school. I'll just wait and see. The letter specifically states "do not call about being accepted or denied", so I wouldn't get caught if I were you. It'll probably be held against you on your file.
  6. by   Southbeach23
    I agree luluinblu because they are trying to let as many as they can into the program, but if they can "weed" some out for being annoying they will.
  7. by   keakin6
    Hey everyone! Just wanted to stop by and see how everyone is doing while we wait!! I've had a sick little girl that has kept me busy busy busy but she's on the mend now and I've caught myself waiting on the mail man every day lol. Hopefully it won't be much longer now. Take care!!~ Kristie
  8. by   limitless-visions
    Hay KeaKin6 I'm glad to hear from you! I have been checking that mail too so don't feel bad? Believe it or not but if you look at old post on here from last fall, Darton sent out letters on june 21 this time last year. I'm not sure if we will get the same treatment but why not? If not I'm sure it's getting closer. I think I'm starting to like the idea of having high expectations. Maybe my entire life will be better by thinking big and not small. Also I'm glad your little girl is better, the good part in that is while she was sick you practice your nursing skills!!! Well I must go stalk my mailman. I will keep you posted.
  9. by   Southbeach23
    Quote from keakin6
    Hey everyone! Just wanted to stop by and see how everyone is doing while we wait!! I've had a sick little girl that has kept me busy busy busy but she's on the mend now and I've caught myself waiting on the mail man every day lol. Hopefully it won't be much longer now. Take care!!~ Kristie
    Hey keakin 6,
    We will keep hope alive and hope for some good news soon! I hope your little girl is better!!
  10. by   limitless-visions
    Another day, Another week. Lets see what happens!!!
  11. by   limitless-visions
    This is posted on another thread so excuse the repeat. I have a question that a friend is trying to find out. She just took the hesi for darton's sandersville bridge program today. She notice on evolve when she checked her hesi score, she also see a class average. The question is Does anyone know if the class average is for everyone (all applicants applying) or is this just her class that she took it with. She stated that the anatomy score changed from one average to another but she stated her group has already did there testing this morning. She stated there is another group that was testing this evening which is when she noticed the average going down for anatomy. Anyway if someone knows how this works please respond. We all are able to see the class average and the individual average on evolve. Thanks!!!
  12. by   keakin6
    Is anyone else as nervous as me??? I find myself stressing the wait like crazy!! No sleep...my face is breaking out...and that darn mail man isn't doing his job lol!! Ahhhh I'm going nuts!!
  13. by   limitless-visions
    Hay Keakin6 your not by yourself. I worry everyday even when I try not to. I have been going for walks, doing more activities with the family, and watching really good movies but none of this helps. I find myself sitting and waiting on the mailman everyday now. Over the weekend the mailman was late and I liked to panic because I wanted her to put something in the mail even if it wasn't the letter I was looking for. I just had to know that she had been there. She came an hour later. So yes its getting worse. One thing that has helped me is going to church. We had an excellent speaker sunday that helped me with my issues of not trusting god. My faith went down hill after the last rejection letter so I'm not really believing that I will get in even though I did better this time but my faith is increasing from going back to god's word. Well Keakin6 I wish you good luck once more and I hope it's over soon!!!!!!

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