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Anyone applied to the nursing program for this fall?... Read More

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    I used something called myCaa. I think now the limit is 4,000 dollars total. Nursing was on the list.
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    They cut me out of that program after one semester because they "re-formated" the program to exclude certain ranks after I was already enrolled. Crazy
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    Ok so I just went to the Benning CAA meeting that they hold. I should have everything ready in the morning to turn in and my appt. is at 11:00. Would you advise me to wait to buy books like you did? I am going to print out the estimate of costs listed in the BSN student handbook from 2010. Is that what you did? I have already purchased my uniforms and shoes...anything else I should know?! Thanks for the info!!!
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    Definately wait. I don't think they will re-imburse you for the cost of books if you buy them somewhere else then the bookstore. Lemmie email you so I can give you everything I know
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    Okay great!! I will be looking for your email!!
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    Hello! I'm new on this board and my husband will be going to afghanistan at the end of August. I was wondering if I qualify for Mycaa know or if I have to wait until he is gone. any tips will be helpful. this summer I'll be working on my nursing pre-requisites.
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    If you meet the requirements for myCaa you can use them at anytime. Last year that changed it to e1-e5 and o1-o3 and you get $4000. Your hubby does not have to be gone or anything like that. Good luck with your pre-reqs! What exactly are you taking and what do you need? Love to hear from you again. I just got my acceptance letter a couple of weeks ago and am super stoked. It has been a long road to get here!
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    I will be taking my first sequence of A&P and the Food and Nutrition class this summer. I plan on taking human development, BIO 112, and a math class....with this I should be able to apply to the nursing program in December. good luck to you!
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    So how is everyone's junior year going?
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    Hi flyfarfaraway,
    I know you posted this a while ago and have since graduated but I wanted to sort of pick your brain and get feedback on the CSU program. I am waiting for acceptance/denial letters to go out next month and I am so nervous and would love to hear from those who went through it and successfully competed the program.