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Hello.. Does has anyone from this site attended or planning to attend columbus tech's adn program in columbus, ga? I'm currently enrolled doing my pre-reqs and I plan on applying march 2011. So anyone have any tips?... Read More

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    It's really hard to say whether a certain GPA or grades will be good enough to get you into the program since it all depends on the grades of the people you are competing with at the time you apply. Also, grades are only a portion of the selection process.

    Congratulations to all that have been accepted! I won't be in town when you have orientation, but really listen to the advice given to you by my classmates that are there!
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    So, CTC ADN C/o 2012.. How was your first day of class!?!?!?
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    I'm really glad I found this thread!! I am currently at CTC, NOT in the program yet. It's tough for me b/c I work fulltime, am married & have a family. I'm also probably a bit older than most of you, but this is what I want to do... so here I am. I have the class I am currently in and 2 more before I can apply to the program, BUT a post said to take all the non-nursing classes first ( to include Microbiology, Speech & Humanities) so it looks like it might take me a bit longer than expected before applying.
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    Hi - If you have all the required prereqs done by the application deadline, then by all means don't wait to apply just because you don't have all the other classes completed. It just makes things a little easier on you if you have the time to get them done prior to starting the nursing courses. Good luck.
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    I'm a little late to this post, but I will be transferring down to Fort Benning next May and I am looking to pursue my ADN. I will have a few credits from Community College up here in Virginia that hopefully will transfer. I've looked on the CTU website at the suggested sequence, is that ALL the credits you need for the program? I only saw one ENG class listed and I saw that some folks were saying they took 2. I also notice no Medical Terminology classes are required, does that mean they integrate that in w/ some of the nursing classes? I probably won't be able to apply until March 2013 to make sure I have all of my pre-reqs. CTU should allow more CLEP too. Do you know if A&P requires any pre-reqs of its own? Up here, you have to have Biology in order to take A&P. Thanks!
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    Hey guys,
    Does anyone know how many days the LPN to RN bridge classes meet a week?
    Also how difficult are the classes? I attended Middle GA Tech in warner robins for my LPN and that school as extremely hard so i'm kinda used to it lol...and help would be appreciated!
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    Is anyone here apply for the nursing 2012? I just dropped my application in this morning.
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    Quote from pbni
    Is anyone here apply for the nursing 2012? I just dropped my application in this morning.
    I applied too!! Have you heard anything yet???

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