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:confused:Hi, I just mailed my application to Coastal college of georgia in Brunswick ga. I was just wondering if anyone had any info on their selection process. Thanks... Read More

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    I was told that as long as the Savannah Tech class was at an 1100 level or higher in number it should transfer. The registrar at CCGA told me the histories and Political Science would not transfer, because it was missing something from the curriculum.

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    reeta how did you study for the TEAS test. I am making A's and B's in my College Algebra and A&PI courses, but this test really scares me. Do you have any recommendations for studying before the TEAS?
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    I recommend only taking 2 college level courses at once, because of the quarter system. I would say that three classes is pushing it and one of the courses should be something easy like speech. If you are taking two classes at a time two quarters=one semester at a normal college.
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    What do you recommend to study the TEAS? I haven't taken it yet and would like to take it by the first of the year if possible. What TEAS version did they have at CCGA?
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    i took my teas at Armstrong and it was the 4.0 version. I ordered the study guide and online practice test. I got my package on a monday and took my test on the same week thursday. I would recommend the online practice test for sure. The math and the reading in the book and online were very similar. The science was different a little. I would practice for the science by reading the book and looking at this website....Rader's PHYSICS 4 KIDS.COM.
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    I'm taking 4 classes right now...anatomy 1101, psych 1101, english 1101, and Med Term. Next quarter will be the same thing, four classes...math 1101, intro to health care, intro computers, nutrition and diet therapy. Except for intro the health care they'll be online.
    Unfortunately ccga doesn't have a spring admission. The only way I could do it now is to apply for the 2012 slot because this upcoming fall (2011) will be too late. I even thought that maybe I can take anatomy (2130) next quarter but they don't offer the 1st class in the spring semester, nor does savannah tech for the winter quarter. So I'll just keep going with my plan and hope I can get into the LPN program.
    @gapeach70, thank you for that. I'm not sure who I signed up for but I'm taking it online. I love math, hopefully I wont have too many problems!
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    Hi, I'm appling for this year at CCG. How did you do on your TEAS? I'm scheduled for mine and I'm nervous. Should I apply to both programs, I wonder?
    Oh, and CONGRATS on the acceptance!!!!

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