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    I just applied to the Athens Technical College ADN program here in Athens, GA. I do not expect I will get in as I failed to score high enough on the NLN, and have two classes I need to bring up to A's. Letters go out in April. What I would like to do is get my CNA certification. There is a program in Winder via New Horizons Medical Institute. However, it will only give me certification that allows me to work in skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, ect. -not the hospital. I'm thinking I'm okay with that, because I really just want to gain some experience before I re-apply to the RN program at ATC. Thoughts? Does anyone know what the job market for CNA's is like in Athens? This is sort of all over the place. Forgive me! Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   Marshall1
    You may want to call the hospitals - ARMC and St. Mary's to see what is required for their techs. I have not heard from a CNA certification that is limited to LTC only. The LTC (nursing homes), hospices and home healths in the area are ususally looking for people. That being said, the cerification for hospice and home health aides is, unless it's changed, somewant different than CNA certification so you may want to call a few of them as well. The job market is tight everywhere for everyone now. Just gotta try ~good luck!
  4. by   AppieSRN
    Thanks! I will definitely do that. I don't know why I didn't think about calling some facilities before. Now I am considering PCT, Patient Care Technician . I am undecided on which cert. I should do. I am still researching the PCT job market, too. Any guidance is welcomed!
  5. by   Workin on it
    Look at the reviews for New Horizons online! I checked them out recently and they have some pretty horrid reviews, I don't know that I would want to get training from them.
  6. by   AppieSRN
    Well, I passed the CNA exam for the state of GA. New Horizons was kind f shoddy. I am glad I got my CNA there, because our instructor was awesome! She has been am LPN for 20+ years. I just found the staff to be unprofessional in that they did not have very good communication with each other, and you could cut the tension between staff member with a knife! Other than that, we had all the materials we needed. Some were not brand new, but were very clean and well taken care of. That being said, I am glad I am FINALLY getting into this field! Now all I have to do is begin reciprocity paperwork! My husband and I are moving to CA to be closer to my family, and I plan to re-apply to RN school =)
  7. by   AppieSRN
    PS- There is no such thing as a CNA certification that is limited to LTCF. The wording on the New Horizons Medical Institute website lead me to believe that I would never work in a hospital unless I got my CNA through the PCT program, as CNA certification is one of many things the PCT program covers. Anyway, I know it is more likely I will work in a LTCF as a CNA, but it does not rule out the possibility of getting into a hospital entirely. I think the staff wanted more $$$ and practically begged me to get my PCT. I am trying to get into nursing, so having my CNA just makes more sense for the path I want to take. Thanks for the feedback! Sorry I am late!
  8. by   AppieSRN
    Just a little update; I have been working at a local hospital in my hometown of Banning California with my CNA. I am now in RN school at Everest College, and begin my nursing core classes this summer! I am well on my path to being an RN and I am pretty proud of myself! HOWEVER, New Horizons was shoddy. They gave me a stepping stone to my desired career, but one of their office receptionist has been incarcerated in the state of GA for stealing money from the school! Crazy!!!

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