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  1. I see they have Associate Degree in Nursing on their site but not the accreditation. Can you have a program listed that is not accredited? What happens to the students that get in the program and finish it but the school is not accredited?
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  3. by   Inkynurse
    They have provisional accreditation because it is a new program. They have to go through a process to gain full accreditation which they are doing now. I know one thing they have to do is have a certain % pass the nclex and the first graduating class last year had a 100%. Hopefully they will be granted full accreditation soon. I don't think any new program is given full accreditation before the program and its results are evaluated.
  4. by   Bumpee
    I disagree Chattahochee Technical college is not accredited and has failed to meet several of the requirement from NCLN.As a matter of fact students are given documents to sign that they are aware that the college is not accredited right before the start of the program!Unfortunately due to the percentage mark they must meet,the college is know for ruthlessness towards students and dropping students.Very few number make it to the last semester.Others were dropped two weeks to the final!.They will take your money and let you believe there is something yet they know they will drop you either in clinicals or other ways. Why apply to a college thats not accredited?Dont take chances ,you have worked too hard to get nothing at the end.I called NCLN and they gave me all the information I needed for any college.BE SMART!.
  5. by   CallieNM
    Go away bumpee- you obviously were denied into the program and you're butthurt over it. If you look online it says our school is accredited and they can't say they are if they are indeed not accredited. Like I said on my other FORUM for my accepted class in CTC- good luck with Highlands. Lol.
  6. by   nurse2015
    According to Chattahoochee Technical College "ASN Program Accreditation Status - Chattahoochee Technical College's Associate of Science in Nursing is not accredited by the NLNAC" National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. They are approved by Georgia Board of Nursing.

    • What does this all mean? You can go to CTC, take the Nclex, and work IN (and only in) Georgia. However, some employers post jobs such as this one from VNHS "Education: Graduate of an accredited Diploma, Associate Degree or Baccalaureate School of Nursing" Preference given to Baccalaureate Degree (another hurdle)

      How to research for yourself...
      Look at CTC website for Accreditiation Information for ASN
      Look at other Associate Degree Programs in Georgia for their accreditation information
      Go to the NLNAC website and see which schools are listed

    • Go to the Secretary of State for Georgia's website so you can see all the schools with approval for the Georgia Board of Nursing (thats usually a school's first step in the accreditation process in GA)
    • Look at some job postings for yourself and see if they mention an accredited program
    • Call Nurse recruiting hotlines set up by some hospitals, ask them.

    Bumpee wasn't totally wrong but this other person must work for the school.
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  7. by   CallieNM
    I don't work for the school, I go to the school. I was accepted to a program and currently attend nursing classes at this school. CTC is wonderful and the teachers are great! This Bumpee person came onto MY thread telling my LPN class that we made a mistake signing up for classes at CTC. First of all we are not even in an ADN class like Bumpee is talking about and maybe you should go look at where Bumpee works because they certainly liked to hype up about GA highlands...
  8. by   stephanie.
    The LPN program is accredited, the RN program isn't. Since there are more than one types of nursing programs, it's best to be more specific.
  9. by   Tfhorne
    Hey All
    I'm currently in the ADN program. We have a candidate status with the NLNAC, and we are eagerly awaiting our site visit. We are accredited by the state of GA with a 100% NCLEX pass rate. Our program is doing great everyone who previously graduated is either working or bridging to their BSN. Hope this allays any concerns!

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