Chattahoochee Tech LPN 2013 program

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    Hi all, I wanted to start a new thread for those applying to the Chattahoochee Tech LPN program for the Fall semster 2013. Hopefully we can get to know each other and share information as we find out about it. I am waiting to see when the next information session will be posted so we can officially apply to the program. Anyone else planning on applying?
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    Good luck! I start the Spring program on Monday at the North Metro Campus... it's been a loooooong road to get here!
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    I am also starting in the Fall and am interested in meeting other attendees. I have alot of questions , and had to answer tins of my own so far....
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    Is there a long wait to get into the LPN program?
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    how can we all chat on another forum, this one does not allow us to message?
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    the wait isnt so much long as getting the pre-reqs done with the correct gpa and then....having the TEAS done in time with the right score and then the acceptance for the 2013 program
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    i am also worried about finding work....diminished job postings for this...and how long after pre reqs is this a 2 semester course?
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    Hi, I am trying to get in the LPN program for this fall. My name is Jeanette, I have all of my classes done with a 4.0 except Diet and Nutrition. I am taking that this summer. I am re-taking the TEAS Thursday. I am so nervous, I got a 67.3% last time and I know that isn't high enough. How is everyone else doing with classes and TEAS? Can we compare scores so maybe we can get an idea of what the acceptance scores might be? Thanks! I will post how I do on my Teas Thursday. Good luck everyone!!!

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    How is it going? I would love to hear some info about the program. I hope to be getting in this Fall!

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    sounds like there are 150-200 applicants and only 30 spots..... my GPA is only 3.54 before my diet and nutrition
    isnt looking so good for me, except they are actually interviewing all candidates that meet the minimum this year? Jalli your TEASV is right in the arena of scores they said they were seeing for the TEAS V version, or application was very vague and over crowded, I feel like a dummy and that I put alot of effort into something that may not guess what I placed a secondary focus on coding and billing...guess what?! they are dropping that program...I am forging ahead anyway.....I don't take failure very well

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