Chattahoochee Tech ADN Fall 2012

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    Anyone applying to Chattahoochee Tech for the Fall 2012 ADN program?

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    No one? Really?
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    I am
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    I am. I dropped off my application today at the Austell Campus.
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    Does anyone know when will their nursing program become accredited?
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    I am dropping my application off today! I think they are supposed to become accredited any time now. The first class had a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX which makes me very confident in their program. I am going to hate waiting to see if I get accepted. If you don't mind me asking, what grades do you have, and what was your TEAS score?
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    I was wondering the same thing about the accreditation but I'm hoping the 100% pass rate will help speed things along. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to notify people regarding selection? I have heard that we won't be notified of anything until May or later. Does it normally take that long? I hate to think of waiting that long to find out.
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    I also applied , what was your gpa and teas scores
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    I have applied for spring 2012. My GPA is 3.6 with 80% on TEAS. I spoke to Lisa Kesler a couple of weeks ago, and she said that we should hear something by the end of spring semester. Waiting is the hardest part, I think!!
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    Chattahoochee Tech is on the list of approved nursing schools in Georgia -

    It states initial approval, so I guess it is in the process.
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