Chattahoochee Tech ADN Fall 2012 - page 10

Anyone applying to Chattahoochee Tech for the Fall 2012 ADN program?... Read More

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    Hey anyone heard anything yet? I didn't get an email but I'm still gonna check my mailbox too.

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    Tfhorne - what did you get on the TEAS?
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    I did receive a letter today saying that I had been accepted to the program. Good luck to everyone still waiting and be sure to check your mailboxes! Hope to see you all in August!
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    OMG! Congrats! I am so so happy for you! Can't wait to get home and check my mail, wish me luck!
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    btw, what do you mind sharing your teas scores?
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    Got my letter and I'm in! Yay, yay, oh happy day!
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    I got in as well Now will have to wait for GA Highlands
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    Megan - I will be waiting on Highlands as well. Do you know which school you will choose if you have the choice?
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    OMG I made it into the program...Congrats to everyone else that made it in.....
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    Congratulations Jennifer I will see you in June!!!

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