BSN required?

  1. Can anyone tell me if Atlanta area hospitals are hiring BSN only. Does it help if you are enrolled into a BSN program? My hubby and I have decided on Atlanta for out next and final move. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Start researching job postings for Atlanta facilities. Many will state outright that a BSN is required, preferred, or must be obtained within a set amount of time.
  4. by   Jayjormom
    Thankyou. Do you know what hospitals have peds? I'm hoping to stay with that population.
  5. by   Jayjormom
    So all the websites say ADN required but BSN preferred. Are there any ADN grads having problems finding jobs in the Atlanta area?
  6. by   Mer4au
    Egleston, Scottish Rite and Hughes Spalding are all peds and part of Children's Hospital of Atlanta or "CHOA"
  7. by   Jayjormom
    Do they hire ADN nurses?
  8. by   Mer4au
    Yes, they do. If you want to get into a management role, they want you to get your bsn.
  9. by   Jayjormom
    Thankyou for the info. I am starting WGU in July. So hopefully that will help get me hired. No desire to go into management.
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  10. by   Mqnurse13
    I moved here as well with ADN the only hospital that insists on BSN is emory, so far the others haven't cared. I was offered jobs at many of them, there's a big shortage here and many job opportunities. Pay is around 30-35 hour if you ask for it. I have yeAr and half experience and was offered 32 a hour. Glassdoor is a good place to look for reviews and salaries in Atlanta. Piedmont, emory, Northside and northeast Georgia are the best hospitals here. All except emory will be fine with ADN, unless you have many years experience they may consider it as long as you enroll and finish within five years. good luck! The weather here is awesome almost all the time.
  11. by   Jayjormom
    Thank you so much for the info. That gives me a lot of comfort hearing this. Where did you accept a position and how is it going so far?
  12. by   Mqnurse13
    I have been job hopping to be honest, I have a job at a nursing home/skilled facility right now just started and im still not sure about it. Most facilities north of the city do not have float pools or PRN for back ups so you end up picking up all the slack all the time and it's unsafe. Northeast Georgia braselton is the nicest facility I've been to so far but it's a drive. Northeast ga in Gainesville is ok too depends on unit. Emory is the best hospital here but they require BSN which I do not have. Grady hospital is getting better but is not so safe area. Eastside medical in snellville is short staffed all the time, Gwinnett medical is good except ortho floor has issues. (I've made friends at a lot of facilities) all of wellstar is great most recommended but it's a hour and half with traffic for me.
    Traffic, huge huge issue here, get peachpass asap if you plan on using i85, can get expensive but otherwise you will sit for long periods of time in traffic. It's the only thing that keeps me working here. It's only getting worse every year people are flocking here due to lots of jobs and it's booming.
    Use to find your area to live in. Schools with 9/10 are great.
    It took about 2 months to get my license, you will have to fly here and get finger printed at the beginning stages of licensure. The Board of nursing is really non exsistent so everything takes longer. They don't even have a website, they use the secretary of states website.
    If you have any questions about the area to live I can try to help. Good luck!

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