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Brenau University Summer 2012 Nursing Program

  1. 0 Hello all,I decided to start a thread since I found none on this upcoming full time nursing program at Brenau. I received my acceptance letter in mid December and was super excited for the news. I thought it would be great to discuss with other accepted students and get to know each other before we meet. Hopefully others will join.
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    Congrats! Is your program offered in Gainsville or Atlanta?
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    The nursing program is only offered on the Gainesville campus.And thanks so much! Are you planning to apply to the program?
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    I applied to the CNL program at GHSU, but will keep that program in mind if I don't get in there. Does B have a good program? I imagine they must. Do you know anything about the Athens Tech program?
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    Yes, they have a great program and they have contracts with a lot of hospitals for clinicals... They are one of the few that have a part time program. I've heard great things about their program and the fact that its a private school, hopefully means that the program is tight knit. I haven't heard anything about Athens Tech
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    By the way, congratulations in advance... I hope you get in!!!
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    I have also been accepted to the Brenau Summer 2012 program. I actually just got the info packet with all of the fees and such today. Wow. I was really leaning toward this school because of the convenience (I live really close) but this has really made the crazy cost hit home. Are you concerned about the cost, and the fact that they have been in trouble over NCLEX-RN pass rates. B has been my last choice, but convenience was winning over. Now, I am just not so sure.
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    That means I need to check my mail when I get home... I've been in new york for the part two weeks. What is the deadline for the deposit?I'm not worried about it. I looked it up. Previously that had a 98% pass rate. 2009 it went down to 70 something... They have made some changes, at the same time, all that is both relevant to the school AND the effort we as students put in. at the end of the day I refuse to waste my money so I am determined to pass...period.Congratulations on your acceptance. The cost is heavy, but I prayed about it, so this is where I'm going. If you do decide to go there, I look forward to meeting you.
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    Sorry for the typos...using my phone. I meant to say I looked up the info about the pass rates. Does your packet tell when the deadline is for the deposit? Also, does it say anything about orientation and registration?..... So excited, but ticked off that I'm not I'm georgia now to look through my own packet
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    I graduated from Brenau Womens College w/my BSN in is expensive but..excellent education. You will be more than prepared for the boards and going to work by the time you graduate.
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    I met someone who went to Brenau's program. She got a job as a nurse extern in a hospital and then as a nurse.

    So if she's working, she must have passed her boards fine...
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    So nevermind on the deposit info. Nursing dept called me and told me they only require that if I was a new student, which I'm not.

    Marshall1 thanks for that info. I never worried about it. At the end of the day, statistics vary and since Brenau has been given conditional approval, I know I am going to be part of those who recieve some indepth information necessary for me to pass my boards... I say bring it on! Before being accepted into the program I was a student at Brenau and admire the care and quality that is put into teaching us students. Everyone is very helpful in the nursing department and I am proud to be a future graduate of the nursing program at Brenau.
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    KaraMarie I must agree with you... If she's working she must have passed.