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Hi! I just wanted to start a thread for people that applied for the brenau full time nursing program that starts in the spring of 2013. I submitted my app, & now I'm hoping to get an offer! I already registered to take... Read More

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    The mix-up was sorted out and I'm excited to say I'm accepted!!
    I look forward to meeting you all!

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    Quote from Rox.G
    The mix-up was sorted out and I'm excited to say I'm accepted!! I look forward to meeting you all!
    Congratulations! I was praying for you. Hopefully, this will be in January
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    Rox that is great news! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations Rox
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    Is anyone nervous at all? I am wondering how busy or time consuming it will be. We have 5 semesters to learn the job of a nurse. I feel excited but at the same time like I need to take a big deep breath because I wont be able to come up for air for quite some time! What do you guys think? How are you feeling or wondering!?
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    Thanks everyone!

    Yes I'm nervous! I'm taking patho right now and just looking through that book makes me wonder how ill be able to retain all the nursing info in 5 semesters... Does anyone happen to know the sequence of courses we take?..
    I keep telling myself that thousands of people have survived nursing school before me, so I will too.. Hopefully 😁
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    It sure will be a lot of information. Lots of studying and committing ourselves to school! I am not sure which classes we will be taking in Summer. Maybe we will find this out on Thursday?
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    I was able to come to the open house yesterday.. If you guys did, could you please share me some important information? Thanks so much
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    I meant i was not*** )
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    You will probably receive your envelope with the list of fees and things we must do such as a physical, drug screen, shot records, list of classes or program organization, and then a list of appropriate attire and hygiene expectations. You may already received it in the mail.

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