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So i had a VERY NEGATIVE initial contact with this college. through just ONE conversation its apparent that this school is a for-profit. After calling the school i was transferred to them Atlanta... Read More

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    When do you expect to finish? Have you taken any prereqs yet? What about the students who have already completed the program since last year? Have you spoken to any of them and how they did on the NCLEX..? Did they feel well prepared?

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    Hi everyone! I attended the information session today and I took the initial Wonderlic. I scored a 21. I'm really trying to get into the RN program. Do you guys have any suggestions on anything I could do to increase my score?
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    Good Evening. I took the Kaplan Test today, and was wondering does anyone remember what the requirements were to pass and move on to the nursing program? I was wanting to do the ADN program. I did good on the wonderlic and don't know why I am worrying about the KTP but was curious if anyone knew.
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    Hello every oneI need your help .I m taking kpt test next week.please help me how I can prepare my sef.I m worried about reading portion cuz English is not my first language and what to expect in math portion specially word problems.I read from older post the time of kpt is 2 1/2 but I want to know did they divide the time in 3 section or it will continue until I m done with my test. Plz reply me.I will be very very Thankyoufull .Looking forwardByee
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    Hey! Good luck on the Kaplan test. It is about 2 1/2 hours. Although the test is divided into sections, you move to the next section whenever you are done with the one you are presently taking. I would advise not to spend to much time on one section though. Some people were done a lot faster than others. They are supposed to give you a study guide to go over to get familiar with the layout of the test and sample questions.
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    It is something along the lines of missing no more than 8-10 questions on each section. As long as you review the study guide they provided for you you should do well. It is simple and you can self-teach by the layout of the practice questions.
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    I'm starting the program in September and I must say the staff are really very helpful. It is pretty pricey coming in to the program, but after financial aid and about 42 credits transferring in, the price has dropped drastically. All together I may come out with $17,000 loans to pay back. It is a for-profit school so I'm not surprised. But the thing to hold on to and keep you motivated is that by the time you are done with school and pass your test for the nclex-rn, you will land a job almost immediately and the very first year at bear minimum you will be making $48,000 to $60,000 and that's for an adn..If you continue going to school (bsn or msn) you only increase your value with a higher degree in hand and more work experience. Loans are here to help us. At some point or the other we all use them. How do you think doctors make it? Everyone isn't born with a silver spoon in their mouths. My doctor told me that when he graduated medical school he was pushing $400,000 in debt. And now he makes that amount in 1 year. Do not get discouraged people. You are making an investment in your future. The longer you wait to do it. The harder it will be in the longrun.

    Have faith
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    Aww thank you msjb . So the bottom line is study guide is the best way to prepare ,and each section is not divided into 45 mint,It will contour until u are done.Am I right?Msjb Good Luck .
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    To Ms JB
    I am starting my first semester in Sept. as well by I am starting with the 2nd term because I have already completed my pre requisites. Do you know anyone in the program and if so have they given you any feedback on what to expect?
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    Hello every one I took ktp test last Friday , I got 16 in math so I have to take it again. Now I m very nervous ,please help me what to do and expect in 2nd time. I m not bad in math but I m scared cuz it is my last chance to get in RN program.please my friends help me how to prepare ?and is there any one who took the math 2nd time. Was it hard than first time. Plz plz Help......PLZ

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