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  1. by   Pegasus65
    Oh thanks for the info on the CVS clinic! I need to get that done also. I called one dentist office yesterday to find out about having the exam done and they wanted $274!! I am like are you crazy?? I finally found one that I went to a long time ago and they will do it for $58. I have an appointment Monday morning to get that taken care of.

    I am glad to know they haven't updated your info at the school either. That has been MY issue. I don't get much financial aid. I have never been eligible for Pell except for this semester... and it isn't a whole lot. I have been going on the HOPE scholarship, which does not pay all of the tuition. I still have to come out of pocket for part of the tuition and also for the books since they don't give an allowance for that anymore. I had been to the financial aid office twice, called and left a message, which no one returned my call, and also sent an email that wasn't answered either. I once again stopped by there yesterday and of course it was another hour and a half wait only to be told I wouldn't know anything about my award until they posted grades on August 10th. But... there is a big flashing sign that says fees have to be paid by August 10th.

    They then tell me to go to the 100 building and talk to student accounts. I go over there and the young lady there was the only one that acted like she was interested in helping me. However, she goes and gets Mrs. Casey-Evans who comes and wants to know if I had read my letter.. I explained to her that I understood the process, but that if we have to have the money paid by a certain date and I don't have any type of award posted I am going to have to come out of pocket for all this. Since it is going to be like 14 credit hours because I will be required to take speech you are talking about 1100 tuition and this isn't counting the books! I guess all I can do is wait, but I really have a bad feeling about it
  2. by   lwhit
    Eeekkk!! I really hope they update my award information before tuition and fees are due...I'm taking out a small federal loan that I need to use for the tuition and fees, as well as for books. I prefer not to have to ask my dad for the money, seeing as he's already having to pay for my uniforms and all the other stuff on the checklist. What's the purpose of getting a school loan or financial aid if you don't get it before everything is due?? Sooo frustrating!! I'm going to financial aid today, so I will let you know if I talk to anyone helpful and find out anything.

    Also, sorry to bombard you with all the questions about where you're getting your stuff done....but what dentist did you find that charges that for the screening?? I got quoted a much higher price at my regular dentist, so I would like to go somewhere less expensive to have it done.
  3. by   Pegasus65
    Hey no problem on the questions I called Dr. Echols .. they have an office at the end of Windsor Spring in Hephzibah and another office somewhere else in Augusta. I set up the appointment for the office on Windsor Spring since I live more out that way.

    See that was what I was worried about.... if something is wrong with my HOPE scholarship or it needs to be reapplied for or whatever... there will be NO time to do so since according to our nursing letters all fees will have to be paid on the 17th, which is that friday after orientation I am guessing. This is going to mean moi here is going to have to come out with a ton of money out of pocket to pay for this stuff! On top of titers, uniforms, drug screen/background check, physical, and dentist we are talking quite a bit of money... all this before we even buy books!

    Oh and where were you talking about that had the CVS minit clinic... I looked online to find one and according to the info I found there they don't have one in Augusta
  4. by   lwhit
    I know exactly what you mean...everything is sooo expensive!! My visit to the financial aid office this week was very unproductive...I didn't get any answer as to when my award info would be viewable/updated on BannerWeb.

    Thank-you so much for all the information about the titers and the dental screening. I will definitely be making a dentist appointment there for the coming week!

    I assumed Augusta would have several minute clinics since it's such a large city...but I guess not. I had mine done today at one in Covington since I'm staying at my dad's house in Madison for the summer. I would try to call around at several places because surely somewhere in Augusta will have reasonably priced physicals.
  5. by   Pegasus65
    I figured you weren't going to have much luck with the financial aid office. I am just going to cross my fingers and hope for the best. I did find one clinic around here that said they would do the physical for like $35. I got to get it done this coming week, as well as finding out what I need to do to get the background and drug test done also. I haven't really read over that paper totally yet. I know you can sign up for it online. I know that LabCorp is doing the drug testing. That is who the clinic I work for uses so I know where it is located at least.

    I am working Wednesday thru Friday of next week with Friday being my last day. So hopefully I can schedule the drug test for one day when I get off work. Oh and I sent you a private message on here with my email.

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