Atlanta area, any healthcare center that offer CNA programs? Atlanta area, any healthcare center that offer CNA programs? | allnurses

Atlanta area, any healthcare center that offer CNA programs?

  1. 0 Hi Everybody,

    Does anyone know if there are any healthcare centers around ATL area that offer on-site CNA training programs?

    I'm looking to get my CNA certification, I know that there are healthcare centers that have such programs. Thought maybe it would open up some direct job opportunities after the training.

    Thanks yall!
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    There are a few nursing homes that offer the program but they are north of ATL. Most certifications are offered through Tech Schools/colleges.
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    Cobb CNA School is only $450 and they accept payments.
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    I attended Life Solutions For Health. It's located in Decatur. Small but great school. Look them up.
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    I'm starting a CNA program soon and it's in Fayetteville and it costs $550 for the class, and $45 for CPR/First Aid portion. It's only 12 days and M-Th..It's called Golden Age Healthcare Training and you can look them up on the Registry, that's what I did! Good Luck
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    Chattahoochee Tech offers a CNA program in their continuing education department. They offer it in a certificate program as well but the continuing education program is $989.00. It starts several times during the year and at several different campus locations. More information on the continuing ed website.

    If you go to the website for Georgia state certified nurses it lists EVERY state approved program and their contact information. Its a huge list. It includes the nursing homes that you ask about. I think the website is Georgia Medical Care Foundation or Alliant | GMCF Home