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Does anyone work at GRADY MEMORIAL? I am moving to Atlanta the end of next year and am hoping to get a job at Grady because I know the learning there is priceless. I have been doing research about the hospital and realize the... Read More

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    Yea wish i could give u some insight on micu manager but shes new i dont know her well from the times ive talked to her seemed like a nice woman she was very accommodating when i floated over there to help out she thanked me many times and offered to take care of me any time in the future i floated over to help

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    Yea I would prefer not to work in the MICU though since he works there. At this point, I'd take anything that I can get.
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    Hey. I was gonna go down to Grady today and attempt to meet with the manager of the SICU. I was told that she may not be very receptive to me just showing up (Don't know how true that it). I became a little intimidated and chickened out. I got her e-mail from a friend today and I am gonna e-mail her my resume. I was also told that she is really tough with her interview questions etc. Maybe I shouldn't listen to others but hearing all of this is a little discouraging. Any suggestions?
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    Quote from Grady80
    I worked at Grady for about six years in various departments. You should have no problem getting into any department with your experience. You will just have to go through a three month orientation. What department are you interested in?

    The learning experience is in a class of its own. The problem is that at times you ask your self if you are truly providing the best care being in such an environment that is short on everything . . . staff, supplies, and even for some, compassion. If you are a person of high standards this can create a conflict. You can sink to a substandard "Grady Nurse" attitude, or you can persist, persevere and just give it your best. I both love and hate Grady. Strange, I know. You are given the greatest opportunity to provide care for those in tremendous need. Most have no other option for healthcare either due to traumatic circumstance or financial limitation.

    Let's talk about personnel. Nurses, doctors, pcts (few and far between), clerks and all other staff can be difficult. Many have bad attitudes. Many are arrogant. Lots are just plain lazy. But there are quite a few true saints who have a wealth of care and knowledge to share. The key is to find your resources.
    Best of luck!
    I worked at Grady for a year as a medic and I agree completely with the above post. Grady is a different sort of beast. Almost always understaffed, short on supplies or money and overflowing with pts. If you can handle the fast pace and the attitudes of everyone, it's an amazing learning experience and it can open doors for you everywhere you go after Grady. I also agree that you will begin to question whether or not you are providing the standard of care that you are truly capable of. The pt volume at Grady is insane. It was nothing unusual to bring a pt to Grady and find the ambulance triage area completely full of pts waiting to get into the ER plus a full waiting room. It's a super busy place but you will see pretty much everything there.

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    hello!! i need some info about extern position at grady, how does it work??

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