Anyone work at Houston healthcare or MCCG

  1. I was contacted for interviews on Medsurg for both hospitals and I would just like more information.
    I have been to both hospitals before, MCCG is huge, while Houston is smaller in size. That is the only difference I know so far.
    Has anyone worked at both? which hospital did you prefer and reasons why.
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  3. by   Sweetbrunette887
    Hello! I am in nursing school in Milledgeville and I have done the majority of my clinicals at MCCG. I have not been to Houston, but I have absolutely loved MCCG. I have been on 7 and 8 main there for clinicals and it is a fantastic facility. Since I'm not a nurse YET I know I don't have quite a lot of experience but I have to say that I think MCCG would be a great place to work!
  4. by   cornrows4all
    I recently accepted a job at MCCG as a newly graduated RN. One of my classmates accepted a job at HHC in Perry. Two of my reasons for choosing MCCG over HHC were: 1. MCCG's magnet status; 2. Because of the size of MCCG, I felt transfers to different positions within the hospital would be easier & translate to more career options. I also think working at a facility such as MCCG brings you in contact with a more diverse spectrum of higher acuity patients.
  5. by   TickyRN
    Thanks for the replies. I havent had the interview at MCCG yet but have had the interview with houston. It seems like a good place to work.
  6. by   NurseB_
    Does anyone know about Nurse Extern positions in either of these facilities? I'm a nursing student and really would like to get some experience in L&D department before I graduate.
  7. by   finallyRN7

    Where did you decide to work? I see that Houston Healthcare has a Med-Surg. RN residency program for new RNs with less than one year of experience. What do you know, if anything about this program for RNs who are no longer considered "new" (graduate within 6 months) but have less than one year experience. The website didn't entail their definition of "new". Thanks!

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