Anyone taking the hesi for fall nursing program w/Darton

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    I'm scheduled to take it June 1. I just want to see is someone scheduled for that day or any other day in june. I know that is the only test month that Darton is doing for the fall. Anyway if you want to share your date or experience like is this your first time or second or so on? By the way this will be my second the first time I scored a 68 on the anatomy is what got me rejected.

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    Hi, I wanted to ask you since you have take the A& P part before. What are the questions like and should I just study the guide or go back over some of my old A & P notes also?
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    The book didn't help me at all on this part. It was mainly hormone questions when I took it Like stuff about T-cell and B- Cell and so on. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to take that part first again because you see your score right after you finish each section. If you don't do so good and you see your score afterwards It might distract you when you take the other parts. I know it varies with each person. I thought I would warn you. Its not like middle ga test when you get home you see it. No way you see darton's score after each section. Anyway just don't panic and worry because I think I was so worried about anatomy that I was trying to study everything there was to study. It cause me to second guess. Also I'm not sure if it will give me the same questions but we will see.
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    I just took the HESI at Darton on the 26 of May. I did a heck of a lot better than I thought I would, and I didn't buy the study guide. I just made up my own flashcards based on what previous test takers said was on the exam. I scored a 90% overall, with AP being the lowest (80%, but still passing). It's all very straight-forward:

    Know this: For AP, study the hormones, B cells, T cells, and the functions of cell bodies (ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, the membranes), functions of thyroid, thymus, pituitary. Then there are the basic physical anatomy questions like 'where is the calcaneous located?' and 'between what two structures is the mitral valve located?' (actual test question for me).

    For Math: conversions - know how many milliliters in a gallon, how many ounces in a cup, etc. I found some good online sites and just made some flash cards for those. Also know how to convert pounds to kiligrams and vice-versa. Ratios and proportions! Add and subtract fractions! Change percentages into decimals into fractions, etc. You can use the basic calculator on the computer to help.

    The vocab and reading parts were easy for me, scoring 100% in both. Just know how to spell and take your time reading so you can comprehend whats being asked.

    Good luck!
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    Hay I took the Hesi today and I did extremly better! I made a 92% on my Anatomy portion, I made a 82.40% overall. I'm really proud of myself. They say darton always looks at your anatomy portion the most so here goes again. The waiting game!!! good luck with your test bdycky!!!!
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    Hey everyone!! I also took the hesi today. I scored a 91 overall with a 76 in anatomy and a 92 in math. The look at the math and anatomy sections the most. Good luck! I feel better knowing I'm not alone with the waiting game! I was wait listed for summer semester bc of 4 points.
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    Thanks Limitless-Visions I am so nervous right now. I'm just ready for next Saturday to come so I can get it over with. I live in Macon so I will have about a 2 hour drive. Will let you know what I make. Did you apply to the Albany Campus or Cordele Campus? I applied to the Cordele, I am think maybe I should have applied for the Main Campus but oh well to late now :icon_roll. I wish you the best.
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    I applied to the main campus. I wanted to apply to the cordele campus but they said if I were to start at cordele I would still have to do my last two semesters on the main campus. so I decided it would be best to use the main campus. I live three hours away so I'm moving there if I get in.
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    Hay Bdycky I'm praying for you to do well on this test today. I hope everything works in your favor. I'm sure your still testing. Anyway, have a safe trip back home and let me know what happen when you get time to reset your mind. I remember when I took it I lost my appetite and I got a headache.
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    Hey limitless I finished my test around 12.30. I did okay not as well as I would have liked to. I made an overall score of 84 percent. I also scored a 84 on the a&p part wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Math-90,grammar and Vocb-80,reading 84. So we would see what happens wish you the best.

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