Anyone Taken the HESI at Brenau?

  1. I was wondering what HESI subjects are being tested by Brenau. I know for certain Math, Reading, and Vocabulary. I'm not sure about Chemistry and Grammar.
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  3. by   Peachez82
    No grammar but chemistry, a&up math, read comprehension, vocabulary along with a learning profile and personality profile are on there. I took two weeks ago. Good luck if you haven't tested yet.
  4. by   peachshan
    I took mine Aug 22nd. I passed with a score 82.3. My lowest score was Math.
  5. by   Peachez82
    Oh wow I took mine the same day my lowest score was chemistry . Are you finishing with your prerequisites or do you still have some left?
  6. by   peachshan
    I'm done with prerequisites. I'm taking Patho since it was recommended for this semester. Are you applying for the Full-time or Part-Time? I'm applying for the Part-Time 2018.
  7. by   Peachez82
    I'm applying for the part time program 2018,finishing up my prerequisites and I take patho Wednesday evenings on campus.
  8. by   peachshan
    We are in the same class! I was the one in the front with a scarf on.
  9. by   Peachez82
    Wow small world were you in the middle row of tables near the front. I was at the table all the way in the front to the right by the wall and windows.
  10. by   peachshan
    Were you in class yesterday?