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anyone applying to gsu spring 2012 my GPA is 3.4. Im retaking the teas i got a 76, i think, the first time. i asked before but not to many people responded, so im asking again:D.... Read More

  1. by   sn.amk
    did someone suggest that we would hear by the end of this month? That would be fast work.
  2. by   yayaccepted
    hlee- i still feel very nervous...we are all in the same boat i feel sick to my stomach, just as i did waiting for the first decision. from past threads i've looked though, some heard as early as the 2nd wk thru the end of oct. and some ppl didn't hear until end of nov. i think they send the acceptance letters out in sets, therefore don't b discouraged if u don't hear something even when everyone else has received theirs. i received mine pretty late, like a few wks after everyone else received their acceptance. Even though my gpa & teas scores were really doesn't mean anything. I'm sure there's a method to all this madness but it's too stressful to even guess what it may be lol. all we can do is wait together and pray for each other and ourselves. hopefully we all get good news!!! the sooner the better too so we can have enough time to get everything straight! good luck everyone
  3. by   yayaccepted
    sorry for the typos, sometimes i rush through my responses
  4. by   Alliecares
    Hi everyone! I've been calling the Nursing department to see when letters will start going out. I've heard a few different answers between last week and today. I called the coordinator (Ms. Corley) today, and she said that they have not started sending out the acceptance letters yet. She said that they may start sending some out today or maybe next week. Last week when I called, the young lady that answered the phone, said that they had sent some out last week and that they would send out more this week. So, I don't know what to think. However, there are two things I'm certain about... 1. I've been stalking the nursing department. 2. I've been stalking my mailbox!
  5. by   yayaccepted
    Hi Alliecares- thx for being our stalking rep! lol...yes, i heard a lot of the same thing from the ppl who applied in the spring for the current fall semester. they were told different things everytime they called. i'm not sure what's up with that...i wish things were handled differently with how applications are processed. it would be less stressful if they could just have a deadline for applications, and a certain date for replies, such as due by oct. 1 and responses posted or mailed out by nov. 1. something to that effect, would make life a whole lot simpler so we don't have to waste time logging in online to check updates a million times a day, rushing home to check the mailbox, and i'm sure it will save some of us sleep! Let's hope somebody on here hears something by weeks end
  6. by   Alliecares
    Hi Yayaccepted! I totally agree! I'll keep stalking for us! ;-) I'm so anxious that I've been reading the previous threads to see if I can see a trend or pattern. I even remember seeing your posts from earlier threads. I've been going to Gosolar even though I know that it's not going to tell me anything! I guess it's just nervous energy. I just want to know something either way. In the meantime, I'm just going to keep praying, keep my fingers & toes crossed and my stalking techniques going for all of us!
  7. by   yayaccepted
    haha, thank you! i will be so happy when we finally's been such a long hard road for all of us.
    are you currently at GSU or will u b coming from another school? this is my first semester at GSU. i transferred from GPC.
  8. by   Alliecares
    Hey, we might know eachother! I took all of my prereq's at GPC except for HHS 3000 & Human Growth & Dev. I took those at GSU in Spring 2011 & Summer 2011. I'm a 2nd degree student, so I transferred my credits from the 1st degree into GSU in Summer 2010. Then, since I have to pay out of pocket, I took all of the other pre-reqs that I could at GPC. Spring & Summer I took classes at GSU & GPC! Can you say tired?!!!! I'm taking my last class w/lab at GPC right now.
  9. by   yayaccepted
    i was at gpc newton the whole time...from fall 09-spring 11. which GPC campus are you at?
  10. by   yayaccepted
    i'm at gsu now taking 4 classes:

    HHS 3000
    Nurs 2010- Human G & D
    Nutr 3300
    AH1700 (Art History-my last elective)

    i wonder if anyone on this post is in my class right now...
  11. by   swall
    Just asked the lady at the front desk in nursing office about when they were sending out letters and she said 6-8 weeks. Everyone has a different answer! It's so frustrating waiting!
    @yaya- you will get in- you were already accepted! do you mind posting your gpa and teas so we know about what they're looking for? mine are 3.7 and 85.
  12. by   hlee
    Hey guys!! I emailed the advisor and asked when the letters will go by she said By november in mail... Yayaccepted.. I have seen previous threads too for Spring 2011 and some received letters the second week of Oct!! Thats probably why I freaked and starting checking my mail box like crazy. Alliecares.. thanks for stalking the nursing dept for us !! =)
  13. by   Alliecares
    @Yayaccepted- I went to the Decatur & Dunwoody campuses.
    @ Swall- I talked to that person too last week. I disregarded that 6-8 week answer because I guess I didn't want to believe that she knew what she was talking about! ;-)
    I'll try again today to see what they say.