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anyone applying to gsu spring 2012 my GPA is 3.4. Im retaking the teas i got a 76, i think, the first time. i asked before but not to many people responded, so im asking again:D.... Read More

  1. by   iceangels30
    ^^ Yeah, I've never seen over 300 for a spring semester. I really hope it is a low number. I would love to see all of you there.
  2. by   student4lyfe
    Almost everyone I've met has or is taking chemistry as their pre-req, but ive also met a few taken biology instead. howevver, i have yet to meet a single person who has opted to take the physics route. I took the physics option (since i also wanted to do pre-med and this knocked out the pre-nursing prereq and the per-med prereq at once). this wont affect my chances will it? i expect an A in it tho, if that matters.
  3. by   alinaxa
    where can you check for your application status?
  4. by   hlee
    You can go to the above link to check your status.
  5. by   iceangels30
    @student4lyfe: hey! i don't think it would hurt you. i believe that they will look more at what your gpa is and what you got on the teas more than anything.

    i heard somewhere that they use a point system to determine where you stand along with everyone else. anyone else heard that before?
  6. by   hlee
    yeah I also heard that they use a point system. I wonder if our gosolar status will change or if there is any way for us to know before we get the letters.. I doubt it but just curious! It just feels like its been forever! Im being so impatient.
  7. by   iceangels30
    Awww. Don't worry. I absolutely understand. I've been checking everyday. lol. I really just want to know now. I don't like being nervous for so long! :uhoh21:
  8. by   mom2011
    Hello everyone,

    I was told by a current nursing student that her status changed after she received her acceptance letter. I think its just something for us to check everyday to keep us busy lol. Does anyone know when Spring registration begins? I am hoping that because of the holidays and all that we have to get done before school starts, we should know something by the end of this month. Any thoughts on this...
  9. by   iceangels30
    Registration overall opens up on October 25th. Hopefully, we will all know by then so we can start making plans. Guess we have to be on the look out.
  10. by   yayaccepted
    hey Hlee- did we chat earlier this year??? i remember your name for some reason... I was on here in the Spring applying for Fall 2011. Had to fin my pre-reqs during the summer but my fin aid stuff didn't get finished on time so i could not attend GSU in the summer. Currently fin my last 4 classes this semester and had to re-apply to the program for Spring 2012. I did get accepted before, for the Fall 2011 ACE program, it was a very nerve wrecking wait, just like this one!!! I'm assuming no one heard anything yet...we are all waiting 2gether. Good luck to everyone here and hope we all get in! BTW, is anyone on here currently at GSU right now...I may be in ur class!
  11. by   yayaccepted
    oh n i also forgot to mention, i spoke to an advisor in the spring regarding admissions and criteria; there is a point system in place, that is confirmed! not sure exactly how it works but she said they give a certain # of pts for gpa, teas score, essay, recommendations, etc...then add up the # of pts u have. that determines admissions, hope this helps! again good luck everyone, including me! lol
  12. by   hlee
    Yes we have talked before! I was planning on applying for Fall 2011 but didnt work out so I am applying for Spring 2012... If I remember correctly you had great stats! and you got accepted for fall so I dont think it should be a problem... I am so nervous! Hope we hear something soon.
  13. by   sn.amk
    Hi All,
    I am glad to join this thread. I have applied for ACE or traditional. It is very nerve racking to wait for responses. I hope they do come soon. Do you think we should register for other classes just in case we are not admitted? Hmmmm............:spin: Hope to see you all in January!

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