Anyone Applying to NGCSU for Fall 2013?

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    Hello! I just submitted my application to NGCSU for next fall. I'm trying to figure out what typical stats are...I have seen posts from previous years and I am getting discouraged about getting in! I didn't think I needed to take A&P and Micro before the application deadline so I will only have A&P 1 completed by then...I'm trying to figure out if that is going to seriously hurt my chances. I have a BS in Chemistry from NGCSU so I have several science classes but my GPA was low...I really want to go to school there!!!! Does anyone know typical stats for students that are accepted?

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    How low was your GPA? What kind of Biology have you taken? What was your TEAS?

    I cannot say if this is true, but the college seems to break students into groups and except them based on their qualification within said group, including new high school grads, pre-nursing students, and folks returning with an Associates or Bachelors degree.

    You don't need micro or A and P to get in, but ya it does help. And the BS in chemistry sounds like a good thing, too, because you have a background in science.
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    Most schools don't expect you to have your core completed when applying to the program, as long as you finish the core before beginning nursing classes or you submit some type of plan in which you can complete your core while in the program. I did attend NGCSU, but I was a chemical engineering major at the time. I knew a girl trying to get into their ASN program, and she said they pretty much required you just take math modeling and English 1, TEAS, and have a GPA of 2.75 or higher to get in the program, but this was ~2 years ago, so I don't know if things have changed, or if there is more to it. Here is the requirements from their website: Requirements
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    I have a 3.2 and I have taken Biology 1&2...I got the impression that the school ranks you by GPA and TEAS 5 (88.7) and that they don't take into account what classes you have biggest concern is people typically seem to have a 3.6 or above and it doesn't seem fair to me that they compare my 3.2 to someones 3.8 high school gpa! I guess I'll just have to see what happens!
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    Most schools do rank you by GPA and TEAS, unfortunately. I was an engineering major and my recent math class was calculus, which I earned a B+ in, which is wildly more difficult than the college algebra course required for nursing students that I was exempt from. I certainly would have gotten an A+ in the algebra class, but most schools tell me they don't care about class's the grade that counts.

    Since you already have a B.S., you'll probably receive some special treatment. Most B.S. students are held to different standards than your average pre-nursing student who has no prior degree or medical license under their belt and are evaluated separately. Just don't give up! Some schools don't even look at your overall GPA...just the GPA of pre-requisite courses for their nursing program. I'm really not too familiar with NGCSU's program though, so I'd suggest e-mailing one of their nursing advisors with questions about the program. The faculty at NGCSU has been incredibly kind in my experience and more than helpful.
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    I applied for Fall 2013. This is my 2nd time applying. GPA is my issue. Should have at least a 3.2...just playing the waiting game...still have to take my TEAS. I have finished all my A&P's and Micro. I also know that there have been people get in with lower GPA's and TEAS scores. Not sure about North GA but most schools work in a point system. You are assigned so many points based on several factors like if you are already a student at that college, if you have finished all your pre-req's, overall GPA of sciences, test scores, etc. DId you apply to more than one school? That is one thing I learned...never put all your eggs in one basket. I applied to 1 in 2010 and 1 in 2011...this time I applied to 4.
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    Oh dear, that is rough. I'd suggest taking your TEAS as soon as possible! A high TEAS score can redeem a lower GPA at most schools. I personally found the TEAS exam incredibly simple. I don't know how NGCSU's points system works...I don't really have any intention of going back there.

    As far as applying to schools goes, I haven't applied anywhere yet. I've been too afraid with so many advisors having poor things to say in regards to my own GPA/TEAS score. I decided to take an extra semester to boost my GPA before I apply to GSU's ACE program (my first choice, as it's my current institution), Piedmont's Athens campus, KSU, and possibly GCSU. Hopefully one decides to take me, and that one of yours accepts you!
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    This will be my second time applying to NGCSU. u applied for Fall 2012 and was wait listed. I also just reapplied to NGCSU for Fall 2013. My stats are B's in both A&P classes (taken in 2007 & 2011). And I have an A in Microbiology but its from 2001. I graduated with a BS in Biology in 2001. My GPA is a 3.00. My TEAS on the other hand is low- 74. So I am retaking it Oct 23 at 8am. Hopefully I make a better score and won't get wait listed this year.

    Although you don't have to have any pre-req classes completed before applying, you have a better chance if you do. Besides would you really want to take English, Math, A&P, Micro, etc while taking the nursing courses? I would rather just focus on the nursing classes.

    They do have a point system or ranking system as I was told. GPA, TEAS, & classes taken all count. As well as having a degree or having been on the previous year's wait list.

    So good luck with everything! I will post my TEAS exam score after I re-take it next week.
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    In my first year. Had a 3.6 GPA , 74 on TEAS and got wait listed. I don't know how they accept students. I had all my classes and have seen people still taking A&P. Good luck!!
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    I meant I applied for Fall 2012 and was wait

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