Anyone applying to Georgia Perimeter College Fall 2013?

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    Is anyone applying to GPC Fall 2013? I am currently enrolled in A&P 1 and will finish submitting my application at the end of this semester. I am a little worried because my general education GPA is a 2.85 but I have a 4.0 science GPA and an 88.7 TEAS score. I am going to the information session on December 3. Please share stats or any helpful info you have! And good luck
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    I am applying 2014. U have great stats. When did you take the Teas? You did very well w only having taken a&p1.
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    I took the TEAS in August...I have a previous degree in Chemistry so my science and math background is pretty strong. I think that helped a lot! And the study guide ATI offers is great! Good luck with your application for next year!
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    Oh I see. Awesome nonetheless! Thank you and good luck to you. I'm sure you will have no issues getting accepted