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anyone applying to gsu spring 2012 my GPA is 3.4. Im retaking the teas i got a 76, i think, the first time. i asked before but not to many people responded, so im asking again:D.... Read More

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    Quote from swall
    Has anyone gotten any acceptance letter for Spring 2012 yet? I turned in my application on 9/30 and know I'll have to wait a while, but I'm really excited/nervous to find out!
    Applications for Spring were due in May and acceptance letters were sent out the beginning of September. If you just submitted your application then you will be considered for Fall 2012.

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    @swall... I haven't heard anything yet. Im thinking we probably wont hear anything for another week or two. I believe applicants in the top percentage received the first set of letters. I really want to know what the average GPA is for spring so it will give us a pretty good idea where we stand.. I did check my application status and it states complete and ready to review and the date is 10/04 so Im thinking thats the date all of my application material was processed .
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    Yeah, I have yet to hear anything. My application also says complete and ready for review.
    I really wish we had that information too so we could see where exactly we stand with the rest of the crowd. I suppose we'll just have to keep checking and hopefully we'll hear something within the next week.
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    I did email the advisor at gsu and ask her how many applications were receive. I emailed her earlier this week and she said she was still processing application and did not specify how many they received however she did say they usually get 350+ spring semesters.
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    That's strange... just looking over the admission statistics and it shows that there were only more than 200 applicants for spring semester start one time. There are usually about 175 applicants for spring semester, according to the admission stats.
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    Your right!! The stats say 189 for Spring 2011... and Fall was 344... I hope its around 180 this time as well.
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    ^^ Yeah, I've never seen over 300 for a spring semester. I really hope it is a low number. I would love to see all of you there.
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    Almost everyone I've met has or is taking chemistry as their pre-req, but ive also met a few taken biology instead. howevver, i have yet to meet a single person who has opted to take the physics route. I took the physics option (since i also wanted to do pre-med and this knocked out the pre-nursing prereq and the per-med prereq at once). this wont affect my chances will it? i expect an A in it tho, if that matters.
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    where can you check for your application status?
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    You can go to the above link to check your status.

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