Any Aiken Tech or Augusta Tech Fall 2011 Applicants?

  1. My ADN application is officially in at Augusta Tech and I'm also going to apply to Aiken Tech next month, as well as a few other area programs (in radiologic sciences). I figure the more apps I have in, the higher my chance of acceptance to at least one, haha!
    So anyone else in the running for one of these programs for Fall 2011?
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  3. by   iluvmyson
    hey i am also applying for the nursing program at aiken tech in august..i have heard some crazy stories about aiken tech though.. i was thinking of also applying at augusta tech but i need 3 more classes..if you want email me at and we can talk through there..
  4. by   klbinaug
    How many points do you have for Aiken Tech's program? I heard the cutoff was 22 for the class that just got accepted.
  5. by   iluvmyson
    hey i will have 23 points with everything I can do..There is nothing else that can give me any points..I am not a CNA and I am not a resident of Aiken..But my advisor told me that I am good and will get in..She said that she always tell students to at least have 21 when they apply..I have heard that the nuoke nursing program there is no joke and that the teachers do not care and most students are dropping out..I think the main problem is that the teachers who have been there, for some reason are leaving and then the nursing students are getting new teachers who do not know the information..But how is Augusta Tech..Are they also by points?? I am missing 3 classes for Augusta Tech..
  6. by   klbinaug
    I also have 23 points. If I could do better on the math part of the TEAS I could get an extra point, but I don't know if I can do it haha. I also have heard some negatives about both the rad tech and adn programs at Aiken tech. At Augusta tech they go by your gpa for 6 certain classes and your pax rn score. It's a much quicker program. If you start fall 2011 you graduate dec 2012 instead of may 2013 like at Aiken.
  7. by   iluvmyson
    hey i could get 25 points, if i was to take the teas over and make 2 as on both the english and the math part but i do not know if i was hard enough when i first took it..i scored a 89 on the math and 84 on the reading..but yes i have heard crazy stories about aiken tech nursing program..i have heard like i said the teachers do not care and they make it very hard..but i hope and pray that they make it great for us..i am missing intro to sociology, english 102, and also intro to humanities for augusta tech..i am thinking of taking those courses this summer so that i can try for augusta tech for next year in case, i am not doing too good at aiken tech..what teachers did you have at augusta tech for those classes if you remember?? i know that i need to have those classes done before i can apply at augusta you know that 6 classes augusta tech looks at?? man, the time is great if we was to go to augusta tech..that would be great to get it done in good time and fast timing..let me know what you find out..we can keep in touch through my email if you i hope that augusta tech would take my science classes was the pax rn?? also are you a cna??
  8. by   klbinaug
    I took most of my prereqs at GMC. They transfer to schools on the semester system while Augusta Tech classes do not. If you took prereqs at Aiken Tech I don't thunk there would be a problem transferring those. Augusta Tech's ADN program requires A&P 1, A&P 2, Micro, English 1101, English 1102, Humanities, College Algebra, Intro to Psych, Intro to Soci, and Computers with a 2.75 and a PAX-RN score of at least 70%. Admission is weighted. 70% is your GPA from A&P 1, A&P 2, Micro, College Algebra, English 1101, and Intro to Psych. 30% is your PAX-RN score.
    The PAX covers verbal, math, and science concepts. The verbal and math are similar to the TEAS. The science is a little different. Less earth science and anatomy. More physics and electricity questions. I got a review book to learn the basic concepts. I've never had physics and I still made an 89 on the science part. If you made in the 80s on the TEAS you'll be fine for the PAX. I made about the same as you on the math part of the TEAS and got a 98 on the math on the PAX. Just make sure you review first.
    Im not a CNA. I actually have no healthcare experience. I am a legal assistant for a law office in downtown Augusta.
  9. by   iluvmyson
    hey thanks so much for getting back to me..Anyways, I am missing 3 classes for Augusta Tech..So I will stick with Tech and try Piedmont too...But you know that Aiken Tech will take us longer because they do not have summer classes for the nursing classes..So we would be getting out on May 2013..
  10. by   Eris143
    Hey everyone! I also have applied for the ADN program at Augusta Tech for the Fall 2011 entrance. I have fulfilled all prerequisites and have a current GPA of 3.54. I'm scared that it won't be enough but I decided to take alot of classes together. Within two quarters I took all of the prerequisites so my grades suffered a bit because of it. I was very determined. I also took the PAX exam and scored a composite score of 133 with an overall grade of a 92. Someone in the program told me that it's a great score but I'm still nervous. I have contacted them several times already trying to find out whether or not they have made their decisions and keep getting the "we're still reviewing". Sooo frustrating Anyone have any insight into previous admissions? I'm just worried that my scores won't be good enough. Still keeping my fingers crossed. Anyone else in the same predicament?
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  11. by   klbinaug
    I think your GPA and PAX score is very competitive. I heard only about 15 of 40 accepted last year had all A's in the prereqs. But I guess we will see. I asked a while back and they told me decisions would be made end of May/ beginning of June. I don't know what is taking so long. I have A's in the 6 important prereqs (one I had a C and retook it, if that matters) and scored a 97 on the PAX RN. The wait is making me nervous. If they really just looked at those 6 classes and the PAX score it seems that they could put it in a spreadsheet and have letters out before May. I'm worried that they're looking at previous bad grades and withdrawals, which isn't a part of the criteria, but I'm still worried. If you hear anything about letters going out, PLEASE let me know!
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  12. by   klbinaug
    I called Augusta's ADN department today and Ms. Chariff told me that the last she had heard was that letters would be out the first week of June.
  13. by   Eris143
    I'm wondering what is taking them so long as well. Like you said, if they are going by grades, it should be a simple process. It's definitely driving me just a bit crazy waiting. I previously attended nursing school for an entire year in New York and made the mistake of family moved. It was a huge mistake. I hope they won't use it against me. On the other hand it might be beneficial but then again they don't tell you anything. Other schools would let you know almost immediately after the deadline. I plan on contacting them again next week to inquire about what's taking so long. I don't think it's fair for them to keep you waiting so long. I need to know whether I should look into other options...hopefully not but I like to be prepared. Well...I'll definitely post if I find out any news. Let us know if you find out anything as well.
  14. by   klbinaug
    I don't know if you've already considered it, but you should look into applying to Aiken Tech also. It's not far from Augusta. The deadline is June 1.

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