Advice for current nursing student in ATL looking for a job

  1. I'm a student at Georgia State in Atlanta. I'm only in my second semester (first with an actual clinical.) I've seen a lot of things on here about how it's easier to get a job after graduation if you already have a tech position or something similar at a hospital. I've found some positions advertised on the net for local hospitals that will hire current nursing students without a CNA license...but all want about a year's experience. A couple of questions: first, should I even try to apply for a position that will except nursing students if I don't have any experience in a hospital? Also, I'm a pretty small person and can't lift a lot (gotta start going to the gym). Would it be foolish to think I could work at a PT? I know CNAs in long term care facilities are really put through the mill physically. Should I perhaps just focus on finding a hospital to volunteer at instead? (And also, if anyone other student nurses are interested, the positions that I found were at Piedmont hospital.)
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  3. by   missladyrn
    If I were you, I would apply to all the CNA positions at hospitals that you can find. Someone will hire you. Being a CNA is hard work and does require lifting etc, but so does being a nurse. You work together, and when lifting or moving patients, you get another staff member to help when you need help that is normal. No one expects you to be able to lift a whole person on your own. It will be good practice.

    You will need to go to work, work hard, show up on time and be sure to get a good reference. If you have a particular kind of nursing you want to work in, like L&D or peds, try to get a cna job in that area. You would also learn a lot working in ICU or Cardiac. Make friends and connections and do your best, this is what will get you hired later on.
  4. by   Marshall1
    If you are in the ATL area you may want to consider looking at the VA jobs (USAJOBS - The Federal Government’s Official Jobs Site) is one site. The VA needs people in all areas and at the facility in Augusta and Decatur especially. Good luck!