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ADN Nurses and CHOA

  1. 0 Is there anyone out there that has been hired at CHOA as an ADN new grad? I am putting in applications online and some of them say that my application is under review. I am just trying to get a feel for what is going on as far as hiring BSN (preferred) and ADN nurses. The job hunt has been very frustrating thus far. Anyone who can provide insight would be extremely helpful. Thanks a bunch!!
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    Yes, I just spoke to someone that was just hired at CHOA with an ADN (new grad). If any of your nursing school instructors work there, maybe they can put in a good word? The nurse that was just hired did have an inside networking connection, so knowing someone never hurts. Keep your chin up and best of luck!
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    Thank you JustADream. I don't know of any of my professors that work there. I am trying to keep my eyes peeled for any leads.