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    Hello! I just joined and couldn't find any other thread that had anything about admission stats or anything for Georgia Regents (formerly Georgia Health Sciences) and I am so nervous about getting into the BSN program, I applied with my first choice in Athens, and second as Augusta.. I have a 3.7 and got an 86 on the TEAS V and was wondering if anyone knew if that was competitive or what your stats were?!

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    You have a high GPA and an above national average TEAS score. As long as your cumulative GPA is above the minimum required (2.8), your TEAS is above the national average (it was in the 60's the last time I checked), and you've submitted all requested documents (transcripts, etc.), they will review your file. I think they're going to weigh heavily on your essay and letters of recommendation though. From what was stated in the webinar today, they're looking for well rounded applicants and not just high GPA's & TEAS scores. Good luck!
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    Moved to the Georgia State Nursing Programs forum.
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    GoalAchiever could you share with us what you learned in the webinar? I am signed up for the one March 7th, but I am unsure if I will will be available for it.
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    I only attended one. The first one I learned about by word of mouth. We asked questions regarding admissions, things we would need if we were accepted, such as a deposit, background check, and basic life support certification. The webinar is a blank slate to ask whatever questions you have pertaining to admissions or the nursing program in general. I strongly encourage you to attend the one on March 7. I'm already enrolled for it.
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    I am signed up for the session on the 7th. I am slightly relieved to hear that they are looking at different aspects of a student. I don't think that you can fairly judge a student by GPA and a standardized test. Schools need to be looking at students as a whole. I believe this is the reason that some of the nurses we have in the field today have poor bedside manner. It takes a special personality to do the job, not just someone that can figure medication dosages and the like. Good luck to you all! The deadline cannot come soon enough for me!
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    Do yall have any idea when anyone will be notified of admission or anything
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    I know that the deadline isn't until March 15th so it should be a few weeks after that
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    I listened to the first webinar, didn't they say the would start sending out letter at the beginning of this week?
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    That is really encouraging!

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