A few degrees yet still a lot of confusion. Any thoughts greatly appreciated

  1. A little background first: I have a BS in Biology and a MS in Education with a specialization in Literacy and Learning. I worked 6 years as a high school Science teacher (certified middle school and highschool) , but resigned to go back to school to become a nurse. I always wanted a career in the medical field, but didn't know in what capacity. I'm glad I gave it enough time and thought and chose the right healthcare profession I am also currently working on a PhD in Education, which I started before deciding to get my BSN. I was under the impression that I would be able to teach on the college or university level (even before earning the PhD) because of the MS in Education, but have began to think otherwise from reading through the various forums. Any thoughts on this? Also, I have recently contemplated changing my PhD program from Education to Public Health because I would like to complete research in the health field as opposed to education; plus, I think it may open more doors for me as far as career choices go (would love to maybe work for the CDC). Would this be a smart move? What options exist with my previous degrees in combination with each PhD program? Thank you in advance for any thoughts!
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    What do you want to do for a job? Until you answer that question, it is hard to offer any advice. No offense, but you seem to be all over the place. It seems as though you want to be a perpetual student. What did you want to teach? Nursing or something else? If you are interested in teaching nursing, you would need to have some nursing/bedside experience. If you want to teach something else, not sure where the nursing degree fits in? Have you passed the NCLEX? Have you worked as a nurse? Do you have any work experience in any field of healthcare? I think before changing any direction in your PHD program you need to decide what your end goal or job is, otherwise you are just heading into the great beyond. What do you want to do for the CDC?
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    Hi MJB2010,I will be starting the second of four semesters of my BSN program this Fall. I won't be able to take the NCLEX until I graduate December 2013. I have not narrowed down a specific specialty just yet. I'm open since there are so many that I haven't had the chance to experience yet. I am currently considering critical care, emergency, or the vasc cath or GI lab. I naturally considered some form of teaching since that is what I did in my former career. I was really just interested in knowing if I even qualify to teach anything on the college level with the degrees that I have already accumulated or to see if it would be easy for my to acquire the necessary certificate/add-ons (wishful thinking?) that would permit it. You are absolutely right in your observation - I have been all over the place ). Many people in great positions did not get there by following a straight path; rather it was due to a unique background and probably being in the right place at the right time. To be honest, I really like to learn and I feel that having that knowledge from the various angles (the hard science side of things and lab skills I now have, being able to think like and understand what my instructors want because of my background as an educator, etc.) Rounds me out as a student and helps. I figure it can't hurt. I think (?) having a background in the various, although loosely, related fields will make more options available to me in the end. I understand that at some point I need to find a concentration for my studies. That's the main reason that I am contemplating a change from Education to Public Health. I think this program will equip me with knowledge more applicable to what I will be doing in the nursing field and may open up more opportunities than a PhD in Education would. I am interested in hearing yours and othrs' input before making any decisions.