Work hard and you will be rewarded.

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    Getting into nursing school is not easy. However, if you work hard and are patient you will be rewarded. Never give up.

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    Hi , brian
    Im currently in highskl picking out subjects for A level and GCSE , i have been set on being a midwife for the past 4 years , and I just wanted to ask when you finally get there , being in a hospital working , is it as greagt as you always thought it would be . Where I am , in the united kingdom , to qualify as a temporary nurse then go on to midwifery all I need is 5 to 6 GCSE at C and above , just wanted some tips on determination , to get my my work and myself the best I can be , this is my dream job , thankyou .
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    I did the CXCs and did great on all 8 subjects but never actually stayed in Jamaica to finish the A levels (GCE, as we call it). Im sure you will do great... Id recommend your usual Sciences (bio, chem), Psych, Math (stats, if you can) and another of your choice.

    Im still finishing up my BSN in the US and would have been done if I stayed in JA but I do work in the hospital. So far, Im liking it. As you said, try to get some volunteering done and/or shadow a midwife... You will be fine
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