WooHoo! Just finished my last final of the semester!

  1. Today, I took my microbiology final, which is the last prereq I had to complete. Now I am ready to start nursing classes next semester! And now that I have a few weeks off, I can get my Christmas shopping done, clean my house, and spend some time with my poor, neglected husband I went out with some my classmates for dinner and a drink after our final, I don't think I've had so much fun for weeks. Anyone else happy the semester is finally over?
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Enjoy your rest time cause it is all over when you start nursing school!!

  4. by   RN BSN 2009
    Congrats!! Enjoy the break :spin:
  5. by   lilypad2424
    I have my final final in the morning, off to study! Congratulations to everyone!!