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  1. by   Dezy
    congrats !
  2. by   Bethany1975
    [font="verdana"]i was inthe same dead-end job for 20 years. was in the hospital giving birth to mysecond child and i had an epiphany. i knew i was supposed to be a nurse. istarted going to school full-time, to get pre-req's done, working full time andhad my 2 month old baby and 13 year old. nothing was going to stop me. i was sobusy and so happy i knew this was the right path for me. a year and a half later i sent in theapplication the very first day they were accepting them. i started to read andhear so many stories about rejections and disappointments. i accepted iwouldn't get in this year and had already planned out what to take next inschool to keep moving towards a bsn. last thursday,10 at night, working at my dead-endjob of now 22 years, i got the email. i never in my life felt the way i did atthat moment. shock, relief, elation, joy, laughing, crying, shaking, screamingto myself in my office, "you did it". i feel my life is finally aboutto begin. i start sept. 2012. i’m even crying typing this! lol
  3. by   Resanite
    I cried reading this! I am a mom too, though my daughter just turned 12. I had her the year after I graduated HS, leaving me with no choice of college and a life od meaningless jobs ahead. In 2009 I decided to go back to school. I started with 1 class (I didn't think I could do it) When I realized I could I started full time. With school, work, and being a mom I worked my butt off to maintain a 3.85 gpa! I heard so many stories of rejection that I was sure I wouldn't get in the first time I applied. Last night - 3 months and 29 days after handing in my application I got my acceptance letter. I cried! I experienced so many emotions, I was in shock! I felt an incredible sense of pride, my hard work paid off. Although I feel a great sense of accomplishment I know this is the mere beginning of a long road ahead.I just can't wait to travel it!

    September 2012 CCCC
  4. by   CHESCCRP
    After reading the qualifications posts of others who had better grades and higher science entrance exam results, I had already resigned myself to the notion that I wasn't getting into nursing school for the next semester. I was going through a large pile of mail when I saw that the large envelope in my hand bore the logo of the school and the label of the nursing department. I ripped it open, hoping for good news, and began reading, "Congratulations!..." I had to read it twice because it didn't seem real.

    I told my husband first, as he was in the room with me. I messaged a former co-worker, who had worked with me in a place that could only be described as nutjob city, to let her know the news. I didn't announce it on Facebook until the next day.
  5. by   kbellows
    Quote from brian
    Do you remember when you were accepted into the nursing program? How did you react?

    Click Like if you enjoyed it.

    Please share this with friends and post your comments below!

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    I was so excited! After living in California and seeing how hard it was to get in, I was shocked when we moved to Northeast Arizona and I got in the first try! It was a stressful 3 months waiting for the results though!
  6. by   Soupysoup
    I hysterically called my boss and he gave me the day off to look at what kinds of classes I would be taking
  7. by   gReeNTwin1
    I just got my acceptance letter a couple of days ago! I remember thinking, "It's ok if you don't get in. It's ok!" ....and what do you know...I got in!! I jumped up and down and cried so hard it was probably frightening to those who saw me. LOL
  8. by   shelleyinseattleRN
    I just found out yesterday and am still jumping up and down! I was at work (in the OR) and so all of the nurses I work with were squealing and jumping up and down with me! Of course I had to celebrate last night and I'm still in shock that it's happening!! I can't wait!
  9. by   ♑ Capricorn ♑
    I was in shock and disbelief. I read my letter over and over just to make sure I was reading what was written correctly. I was very excited about the news.