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    well done

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    March 25th at 5:29pm, I was accepted into nursing school. After getting my drivers license, it was the next 'hallmark' best day of my life! I immediately sank to my knees in tears. After thanking the good Lord for answered prayers, I called my mom. She thought something terrible had happened because all I could get out was, "I am so happy." On to my next achievement... getting through nursing school and passing my NCLEX-RN!

    Good luck, y'all!
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    I found out I got in today ! I was shocked and for a second I thought I was reading the wrong email ! All I could see was the word CONGRATULATIONS . But now I am between two school, which are complete opposite of each other. Junior College ADN program and Chamberlain College of Nursing BSN program. Junior college is closer to me, cheaper, has a daycare for my son, and clinical sites are about 5-10 mins away. BUT its a two year ADN program. On the other hand I have Chamberlain which is a BSN in 2 years and four month. ALOT more expensive, were talking about student loans, it is about a good hour and a half away, clinical sites can be even farther away. BUT it is a BSN in about the same time as the ADN......decisions , decisions...
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    I found out that I got accepted into an accelerated BSN program some time in March 2011...I think I can remember stopping whatever I was doing (probably pre-req homework) and literally rolling on the floor kicking and happy screaming. I swear I got back up and continued my normal routine afterwards lol. But, I just knew I was closer to my dream and it was a sickening yet sensational feeling. I wonder how I'm going to act when I pass HESI and NCLEX. (>___<)
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    I found out my acceptance around march and i was ecstatic! I had to ask my little brother to read the acceptance email and tell me if it was real HA HA!
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    I found out that I passed the hesi a2 and was excepted into the school two weeks ago. I was so excited that I was dancing aound the reception area of the school. After I left, I called all my family and told them. Then I went out to eat with my husband. I still am very excited!
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    congrats !
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    i was inthe same dead-end job for 20 years. was in the hospital giving birth to mysecond child and i had an epiphany. i knew i was supposed to be a nurse. istarted going to school full-time, to get pre-req's done, working full time andhad my 2 month old baby and 13 year old. nothing was going to stop me. i was sobusy and so happy i knew this was the right path for me. a year and a half later i sent in theapplication the very first day they were accepting them. i started to read andhear so many stories about rejections and disappointments. i accepted iwouldn't get in this year and had already planned out what to take next inschool to keep moving towards a bsn. last thursday,10 at night, working at my dead-endjob of now 22 years, i got the email. i never in my life felt the way i did atthat moment. shock, relief, elation, joy, laughing, crying, shaking, screamingto myself in my office, "you did it". i feel my life is finally aboutto begin. i start sept. 2012. i’m even crying typing this! lol
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    I cried reading this! I am a mom too, though my daughter just turned 12. I had her the year after I graduated HS, leaving me with no choice of college and a life od meaningless jobs ahead. In 2009 I decided to go back to school. I started with 1 class (I didn't think I could do it) When I realized I could I started full time. With school, work, and being a mom I worked my butt off to maintain a 3.85 gpa! I heard so many stories of rejection that I was sure I wouldn't get in the first time I applied. Last night - 3 months and 29 days after handing in my application I got my acceptance letter. I cried! I experienced so many emotions, I was in shock! I felt an incredible sense of pride, my hard work paid off. Although I feel a great sense of accomplishment I know this is the mere beginning of a long road ahead.I just can't wait to travel it!

    September 2012 CCCC
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    After reading the qualifications posts of others who had better grades and higher science entrance exam results, I had already resigned myself to the notion that I wasn't getting into nursing school for the next semester. I was going through a large pile of mail when I saw that the large envelope in my hand bore the logo of the school and the label of the nursing department. I ripped it open, hoping for good news, and began reading, "Congratulations!..." I had to read it twice because it didn't seem real.

    I told my husband first, as he was in the room with me. I messaged a former co-worker, who had worked with me in a place that could only be described as nutjob city, to let her know the news. I didn't announce it on Facebook until the next day.

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