Why do I still feel crappy when I know I made the right call?

  1. I am a nursing student and a former federal government employee. Yesterday, I was forced to make a phone cal that I would not want to have to do again ever, nor would I want anyone else to be put in this situation either. I stumbled across a severe case of child neglect and possible child abuse. I was returning 2 friends of my daughter's to their home, to find not only was the home disgustingly filthy, it reeked of human feces so bad that I thought I was going to vomit. I had already had my concerns to the children's welfare before this, because one of the girls always seems to act drugged, if not stoned out of her mind. When addressing this child I usually get a blank stare and/ or a slow response. I left their home and immediately called our state child abuse/ neglect hotline and explained the situation. I know I made the right call, but why do I still feel crappy?
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  3. by   strawberryluv
    You probably feel crappy because its your daughter's friends. I would too. Your actions might put your daughter and her friend's relationship in jeopardy. However, you did the right thing by calling because that kind of environment is not conclusive to a safe and healthy environment for the development of children. I would have done the same thing. Great work!
  4. by   laurie0313
    thank you, my aunt is a retired caseworker of the state and when I explained the situation to her, she said the same thing. I could not have lived with not doing the right thing, I hate that I was put in this position, but stand by my decision.
  5. by   FDW630
    I think as a parent, it is never a good feeling to possibly have another child taken from their parents. Even when you KNOW that it is what is best for that child, and you KNOW that you are doing the right thing....it just isn't a pleasant thing to have to do. It can wreck relationships, and it a bad position to be in, but you absolutely did the right thing. Children are helpless and at the mercy of their caregivers. Hugs to you. You spoke up for someone who needed you, even though it was not easy.
  6. by   Skips
    You did the right thing! I know it's hard to think about uprooting kids from their parents. However, in thise case, the parents in question were not doing their job. Children need to be cared for in order to become healthy adults. This was not happening. I applaud what you did.