who are the "notch" babies?

  1. I'm reading about aging.
    In a section about the parents of the "baby boomers" it talks
    about the children of the Great Depression and their health problems.
    The authors say that these problems were identified and then almost
    eradicated before the next generation, the baby boomers, came along.
    And that the survivors in this generation are called the "notch" babies;
    few in numbers at birth, even fewer survived childhood, adolescence and World War II.
    Are the "notch" babies meant to be the parents of the boomers?
    Why are they called "notch" babies?
    These must be my parents - who were born around the end of the first World War, lived through WWII, and produced a bunch of boomers.
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  3. by   elkpark
    The term "notch babies" has to do with Social Security benefits; nothing to do with health problems, the Depression, or anything else. Here is the AARP website page that explains the issue: