where to complain about tuition increase?

  1. I just started nursing school in the spring semester and my program runs through the summer semester. The financial aid office has been telling me that they don't know the tuition rate for the summer semester but last year it was $200 per credit. Today I just got the bill for my summer, they increased it to $800 per credit!! It would be nice that they let us know before we started the program.

    My question is where I can make a complaint about the dramatic tuition increase? Is there any regulations from state higher education committee that prohibit this type of surcharge from a public school? thanks in advance.
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  3. by   donk
    A $600 increase per credit with no notice?! That's insane!!! Sorry I have no idea who you would speak to about that, if there is anyone. I hope someone has an answer for you!
  4. by   RLtinker
    Where do you go?
    Have no idea, but $800 is more of a cost per credit I would expect to see if you are from out of state. $200 sound more like a resident fee. Did they change your status?
  5. by   treeye
    I am out of state student. I have been to Financial aid several times during this semester inquiring what summer tuition is, they pulled the numbers from last year and told me that tuition was $200ish per credit for out of state students. The official number published today is $800. I talked to someone in the financial aid department again and she told me that our department decided to significantly increase summer tuition starting this year and it is legal!!!
  6. by   Tait
    Wow. I have only seen tuition like that when I started looking at DNP programs...