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Mine starts August 27. I am so nervous and excited. I am going to finally go register this week. I have two prereqs left everything else looks like it transfered. As soon as I get those done I... Read More

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    My last two semesters start August 27 for the ADN program. Am an LPN so have enrolled in the upgrade program, jumped in on the second half. There are ten of us LPN's in the program. Last year I finished up my prereq's like A&P and a few general studies that the school wouldn't except from my LPN program because it was out of state and more than ten years ago. I have been taking an online Sociology class this summer which ended last week. That was great! August 22 I finish up two days of my NUR 202 Transition from LPN to RN class that was only for five days through out the summer. I suppose it is to get us prepared for whats ahead, mostly review of care plans, and changes in roles. Good luck everyone!
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    I also start back on Aug. 27. LAST YEAR!! Or I should say, last 9 months! I worked out the last 3 years so that I could take this whole summer off -- and I needed it!! I know this year will be quick, since it's broken up into four 7-week classes...
    Good luck to all of you!

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