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Mine starts August 27. I am so nervous and excited. I am going to finally go register this week. I have two prereqs left everything else looks like it transfered. As soon as I get those done I... Read More

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    I am so excited to start school. This summer has been a long one! We start on September 4th.

    I only have to take A&P this semester and then in February I am applying for the ADN program here. Any suggestions to make this class any easier? I'm a little nervous about it. I am also taking my NLN exam in two and half months. Any of you newbies who just took the exam have any tips for me? The better our score, the more points we get for our application.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks...you're awesome!

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    Classes start back Aug. 27th. I'm so ready for it to get here (sick, I know!). I didn't take a class in Summer II so I've been bored and feeling guilty, so I'm ready to get back into things. This is my last semester of prereq's. I just dropped $350 at the bookstore today and I still have one more $100 book to buy. Thank God for financial aid, or I'd be having a huge $$-related anxiety attack right now !
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    My semester starts on the 20th of August. I'm looking forward to getting back. I took a Summer I class and then moved across the country to California. Surprisingly, the school here took all but one of my classes!!!

    Good luck everyone!
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    My last two semesters start August 27 for the ADN program. Am an LPN so have enrolled in the upgrade program, jumped in on the second half. There are ten of us LPN's in the program. Last year I finished up my prereq's like A&P and a few general studies that the school wouldn't except from my LPN program because it was out of state and more than ten years ago. I have been taking an online Sociology class this summer which ended last week. That was great! August 22 I finish up two days of my NUR 202 Transition from LPN to RN class that was only for five days through out the summer. I suppose it is to get us prepared for whats ahead, mostly review of care plans, and changes in roles. Good luck everyone!
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    I also start back on Aug. 27. LAST YEAR!! Or I should say, last 9 months! I worked out the last 3 years so that I could take this whole summer off -- and I needed it!! I know this year will be quick, since it's broken up into four 7-week classes...
    Good luck to all of you!

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